FS released yet?

Hey, is Flight Simulator released yet? Regarding post at Flight simulator website it should be already 45 minutes available, but I’m still getting “You have to wait a bit longer” message.

If you’re buying on Steam, it’s not released yet. It will release at 12:00 EST. If you’re buying on MS Store, the release varies by your region!

I have Xbox game pass. My region is Central Europe, which regarding to website should be 22 UTC. And I believe that’s 48 minutes ago.

Hey there - when it is unlocked, you will need to be prepared for a MASSIVE download (120+GB).

Mine started (Australia) at 11.30pm last night and it is almost 8.30am and I think it is about 98% complete. So frikken excited!! (ps my downoads are limited to 50gbps)

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i am from Amsterdam and downloading right now.
I had some trouble also. I deleted the client and install again and then it works…

Yeah, It just got unlocked.

I am now downloading using the Windows 10 Xbox App, from the United Kingdom.
See you in the skies!

Is it downloading in Xbox app or in the game?

Steam store is currently broken. Arghhhh!!!

Here’s a full list of when it is available in most, if not all areas of the world:


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Steam release is still 4.5hours aawy (0400 UTC)

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The store always downloads like 1GB, then I run the game and see loading screen. That means the game is downloading?

You will get a downloading bar and confirmation once its ready to DL. so try and restart the game if it is stuck in the startup screen

It’s stuck at the loading screen with plane in background. I can’t send SS

Got it working. had to set Microsoft Store saving location to another drive.

Hi. live in Norway. try to install the game, it shuld be released here by now. however, I get the 1 gb dl and when I try to launch I get: We know you really want to get started, but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Check the store for the launch date…

is it not out, or is there something wrong at my end. have tried deleting, dl again. no luck.
restart the store thingy from services.
checked my updates.
checked the xbox beta, and it checks out ok

I do not have the game on my C drive due to space limitations, but it is on another ssd with plenty of space. I rly hope I dont have to have it on my C drive, cause then im stuffed.