FS seeks endless server

Hi everybody,
Since Friday I’ m not able to be connected to a server. Blocked on “automatic” with endless search. No server displayed like ‘West Europe, East Europe’ and so on…
The only item which appears is this "automatic window’ (Of course all the network works)
An idea from the community?
Thanks a lot

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Hi @TenPluto2672451,
See if this may help:

Exit from MSFS. Then sign out of any xbox app you may have. Then sign back in.
After doing that launch MSFS and sign out, then back in.

If this does not work and you have the xbox app, uninstall it, then reinstall the app.

If that does not work and you have the MS Store version, you can try to “Repair” MSFS in Windows 10 settings. NOTE: Do not do “Reset” as this may remove and reinstall MSFS.

Thank you. I’ll try tomorrow but few hope :worried:

All is Ok now ! Thank you

Hi @TenPluto2672451,
Which fix that I wrote worked for you? So others who have this issues can know?

Happy you got it working! :slight_smile:

It’s an old post but all works now!

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because we like Links and show the original authors that here post was helpfull, instead to post anonym images from the original authors post , I add the links !

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