FS startproblems with Logitech Wireless Headphones

Hi everyone,

I recently had an interesting problem. Until recently, the sim always started without objection. But now when starting the Sim for Update 6 I constantly had the problem that the Sim starts, the hourglass can be seen briefly at the bottom right, but then the screen remains permanently black. No crash, no publisher logos, just black. Since after starting the Sim several times, there was no improvement in sight. At some point I was very annoyed and pulled the transmitter stick of my Logitech G935 out of my PC. And oh wonder the Sim started. I put the stick back in and the Sim hung up directly in Asobo’s Pulisher logo. After a little trial and error, I found that the Sim only starts when the stick is not plugged in. I find this very interesting, since it is only a transmitter and it always worked even though the stick was plugged in.
As soon as the update is ready, I am curious if this problem continues and I can use the headphones without killing the Sim. I’ll keep you up to date and I’m curious if I’m the only one with this strange problem.

Ok, update 6 is installed. The Sim is in the main menu. I put the transmitter stick in the PC. The result: the Sim hangs up, I can’t do anything anymore. Does anyone have a suggestion for a solution?

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