FS2 Crew Issues - Pushback Express

I recently installed FS2 Crew Pushback Express and when loading MSFS , I’m getting CTD’s and can’t get beyond the checking for update screen. No issues prior to the FS2 Crew install and spent 2 hours the day before flying in both VR and 2D with no CTD’s. Please advise on any solutions to fix and my sytem rig includes a Power Spec G467, RTX 3080 GPU, I9-10900K CPU & 64 GB Ram.

First, uninstall FS2Crew.
If you are still having issues after that, here is a checklist to go through:

If you have used the Google map replacement, uninstall it using it’s uninstaller.
Ensure any third party antivirus programs (Avast, AVG, etc) are shut down.
Ensure you have an open path through the Window’s firewall.
Ensure all Windows updates are installed.
Make sure the time and zone in your PC settings are correct
Sign out of the xbox app on your PC
Shut down Xbox app,
Sign out of MS Store App
Shut down same.
Remove all controllers except mouse and keyboard
Restart computer
Open and sign into Xbox app.
Open and sign into MSStore.
Reboot computer.
Ensure all addons are removed from the Community folder, and any 3rd party plug-ins such as Navigraph etc., are uninstalled.
Try sim.
Plug in controllers.

Thanks for the prompt response and I’ll let you know how it works out!

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Still had issues after going through your check list and ended up doing a clean install. Thanks

Yes, if you did all that and still issues, that really is the next step.
If after that, you are still having issues, I would enter a Zendesk request!

Good luck!

Recently purchased FS2 Crew Pushback Express for MSFS (PC). After the install, when loading MSFS, I would get a CTD and I never had any issues prior to installing FS2 Crew. After uninstalling the application, I still had issues with loading MSFS and had to do a clean install. Any suggestions? Thanks

Is the sim working now?

Sim is working but I’ve haven’t tried to reinstall Pushback Express.


I would post in their forum, and see what kind of a response you get.

Sounds good and thanks for your help !

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