FS2020 broken, no toolbar and new info box

After starting the sim today, I realised that the sim has some changes. “Start fly” screen doesn’t shown, sim starts directly in the cockpit. Also at the gate, not cold and dark. Toolbar is missing, but a new info box on the left bottom corner showing the depart airport, view, time, wind abd height.

Are you subscribed to the SU9 Beta?

I left the beta already

But you were subscribed in the beta?
Then I’d guess your issues are related to it, depending on how you opted out of the beta (some had to do a complete reinstall).

Yes, I was subscribed in SU9

Maybe you can tell which steps you took to opt out.
Are you sure you’re completely back on the release version again?

I went to the XBOX Insider Hub and left the preview

I uninstalled the sim, and tried to install it again. But now I have to use the Xbox app. And it’s not possible to chose a specific folder on drive D.

Reinstallation did it…

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