FS2020 Complaint Artists Should Be Thankful They Give Refunds

You young kids wouldn’t know there was a time that they never gave refunds for games. I feel Microsoft shouldn’t allow those who whine about it and get refunds to buy again.

But hey, that’s just me.

Some ungrateful peeps playing this game, who don’t understand the milestone this game is and how we have longed for most of the features!


Yep, there was a time when if you bought something via the internet or the mail (remember catalog and magazine ads?) it was yours, period. There were no refunds. You might as well have bought it from some guy in a white van.

Can you imagine what some of these people would do if they were kids and bought sea monkeys or those Xray specs out of a comic book lol. Or these shady people in parking lots where you buy something, get it home and open it and there is brick or something in it just so the box felt heavy.

LOL. Yup, or those ads that were in comic books: “TURN YOURSELF INVISIBLE!” LOL. :smiley: It really makes you wonder what gasket would go if Microsoft Said no Buyers remorse refunds, and I think they should do exactly that. They knew what they were buying. They should just wait for the updates like the rest of us adult simmers out there. I love the sim personally. :slight_smile:

There was a lady that returned a Xmas tree back to Costco, after Xmas!! Some people just aren’t satisfied.

Software games can take
about 6 months to work out the major bugs. Also MS probably didn’t do much of the development they probably outsourced most of the development and the vendor builds to a certain spec. They probably have meetings each day week and month reporting back to MS on the progress. I’ve worked with MS for many years and I know how they work. It’s going to be better once the “Service pack” comes out. There are a lot of basic menus/settings they need to get rid of. They are trying to tailor to the people that just want to fly it with little to no knowledge and the experienced flight summers and DIY cockpit builders in the same game.

There was also a time when the release of a game meant it was a finished product, so a refund for a half finished product wasn’t the norm.

But hey, that’s just my experience of playing games since the early 80s.


It does seem now adays early release is the new norm.

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