FS2020 Crashes on Start, doesn't even get past black screen

Everything has been working fine until patch, when everything went downhill from the Mach and knot units not working, a320 failing to startup from cold and dark, and now, the game doesn’t even bother start up at all.

This is an embarrassment, when I purchase a game, I expect to play the game in return, and keep in note, this is after an update that is meant to FIX the game, but somehow ruins the experience even further.

This needs to be fixed ASAP so that I can at least start the game.

Does the problem continue even if you start the sim as admin and/or disable background tasks and antivirus/firewall?

What has worked for me is a complete reinstall. It’s a pain, but it seems to have solved many issues.

Check the Known Issues page to see if anything you have set up may be causing this behavior.

Other things that have been mentioned that may help:

  1. Disable non-essential background processes using Task Manager
  2. Windows Performance Profiles should be set to make certain there are no sleep or power saving schema allowed
  3. Processor affinity should be set to disable Core 0 on those processors with six or more cores
  4. Set Priority to low, so that Flight Sim does not grab all available resources, leaving more “room” for the Win 10 OS to operate
  5. Roll back (if necessary) to Windows Version 1909; Version 2004 has proven to be unstable

For more details on any of the above you can search the Forum. All of these things have been discussed here over the past few weeks. It’s been reported that some of the adjustments mentioned are successful in reducing problems with the software.

Good luck!

Nope, I reinstalled the entire game and everything still freezes.

i just had this today. I looked all over the net and found no fix. I did recall earlier in the day, I used the new Megapack Livery installer. So as a test, I decided to remove all the liveries. Eureka! The sim launches as expected. Maybe this could help someone out. :wink:

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@n00bPilot you saved my day :slight_smile:
Same problem with the Megapack Livery installer and removing the liveries worked

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Just got this info:

  • Longitude liveries can cause your game to crash on startup. Please remove these and wait for a patch to be released.

Crash is a known issue

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glad i could help someone. wasted so many hours figuring that one out.

ah thanks for that. didn’t see this info yet. now I know what not to install.

worked for me, but which liveries are trouble?