FS2020 does not start

I found this to be a stupid windows issue for me unfortunately, worth checking if you have the same. The app volume path is invalid and it can happen sometimes especially if you move disks around. What you need to check is to see if the appvolume is offline. You can do this using powershell Get-AppVolume. You can then remove the offline volumes or dismount them. For me I had duplicate volumes mapped to different drives which causes issues:

The main issue is the real volume that’s online (F drive) is being confused by old volumes on the same drive letter. In the end of I had to clean the volume ID’s out of my registry so I ended up with the correct mapping as follows:

Once done all is ok and FS works fine again.

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definitely Gaming Services problem, as today I had same problem with sim start again. No log in to MS account helped. I’ve start MS Store, login to my account and check Library. Then I’ve there one thing to look at, as strange → Gaming Services. All apps are with Open click option but Gaming Services not. After click on button, Gaming Services were updated and sim can start again just right after this action. Strange, yesterday evening no problems but looks like after Marketplace Update. All is ok now, no need restart PC.

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Quite often when that happens, they are unrecoverable.
There some things to try that may help though.

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Thank you very much !!!

I finally managed it :smiley:. Everthing runs normally again. :yum:

“Gaming services” were up to date. I repaired and reseted the gaming services in settings. After a restart everthing was working again.

For this strange disk request it helps to logoff and login in the xbox app.

I guess this all was happening after a huge windows update (bios update).

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No OS update at my side, Hester’s recommendations were helpful.

Problem today again!

Sim is freezed with Syncing data, no progress then. No problems yesterday. What is happening last 3-4 weeks is very bad, this short time has so much problems than I have never before.

Finally, it’s up and running again.
I had downloaded the Xbox app, but it wouldn’t run, just came up with an error.
I tried Xbox support and while the guy on the online chat was helpful, he elevated it for further action. That came back with a very negative response and I got no further help from them.
Thinking about why the Xbox app wouldn’t run, I started thinking about a problem with Windows. I bit the bullet and reset Windows, then had to reinstall everything else.
Downloaded and installed Xbox app this morning and this time it worked. Logged into my Xbox profile and there was my MSFS2020 listed ready for me to download.
I started that about 10am UK time this morning. It completed everything and booted into the game just over half an hour ago.
Now, I’ve got to reinstall all the add-ons, as well as the drivers for my 4 throttle Airbus controls.
Thank you so much to everyone who tried to help.