FS2020 doesnt work anymore

I have removed FS2020.

Last year it was still working perfectly on my PC. And now all of a sudden it doesn’t. Yes I know the whining about update here and there. I HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT!

It shuts down when it is loading when I want to load a flight. I do get the menu for it and everything, but as soon as I choose the location and start loading, it unexpectedly shuts down. I have tried everything, so don’t whine about drivers, I have already done that.

Luckily I had GamePass and cancelled it right away. I don’t want to get into trouble every time. If one is actually to this point in terms of technology, then in terms of working memory they could have packed everything in more as well.

agreed, this “simulator” has been nothing short of a disappointment

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I have to disagree that it is a disappointment.


All - I am sorta with the OP. On release, game would not Download, figured out after two days, the Zone Alarm software was preventing that, uninstalled it, game then took TWO DAYS to download. Very slow internet, not Asobo’s fault, but, they could have made the DVD’s an option here in the states for those of us who live in the country. My internet will never be better than 16MBPS ever.

Every (patch) update for me again has been struggle, uninstall Zone Alarm, go to store, get base package, wait for that to DL, then open game and wait for that to DL. Then it’s reprogram my flight controls because every patch changes them.

Now got new Grip/Base and the Honeycomb Throttle Device, so it’s back to fixing bugs in the TQ, and completely from scratch setting up the Virpil VFX grip in the sim. I have not checked to see how FSX see it, but reconfiguration of new flight sticks, etc. in FSX was very easy. This game you need to be almost programmer, had I known all that, would not have purchased, and would have waited for at least year for most of the bugs to be fixed.

So hats off to you, feel your pain, and appreciate your situation. Come back in year or so, it should work better I hope.

I got it because I saw that it had AI control. When I first started it, AI control did nothing right. It wouldn’t turn to follow the flight plan…it would taxi and take off, but nothing more than that, just keep flying in a straight line. Now, it doesn’t want to land correctly, every plane keeps swaying back and forth, some planes do some sort of oscillating (makes me sick just to watch)

Delete Rolling Cache and create a new one.

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