FS2020 game keeps crashing while landing

I’m learning how to fly the Airbus A320 on FS2020 doing test flights from San Diego to San Francisco and whenever I’m about to touchdown on runway 28R the game just crashes! It happened when I did it on the visual approach and when I did the ILS approach. The game normally acts perfectly fine, I only had it crash one other time when I kept changing views. I saved the flight before landing but when I went back and reloaded it it didn’t save my ILS approach with ATC so I had to just cancel IFR and attempt to land visually over my hometown of Palo Alto which was a lot more challenging. Why can’t it at least save everything as it like FSX did? I don’t want to have to even save it though, I want to be able to complete my flight without the game crashing!!! In FSX I was able to download a plugin that would make the game go from crashing constantly to only crashing rarely when I change views constantly. Is there any plugin like that on FS2020? Should I change my settings from ultra to high end? I really want the game to run smoothly because I’m trying to return to flying for Virtual Southwest Airlines like I did on FSX! I just don’t get why the game would literay crash a few feet from touching down at SFO!

i’m assuming you have a Nvidia card , i solved it for my dad by setting MAX Frame Rate to a fixed number in the Nvidia control center , a bit lower as his max fps…

Nvidia Control panel > Manage 3D settings > click on Program settings tab > wait for field 1 to be filled … > in box 1, find Microsoft flight simulator… and select it > in box 2 find , Max Frame Rate , set this a bit lower as your max fps in MSFS