FS2020 hangs on Startup

Just got the problem that FS2020 hangs within the update screen on startup. The sim worked perfect until I bought and tried to install LOWI airport from ORBX. The files was downloaded and extractet, but during finishing the install FS2020 stopped working. After restart of FS2020 I have the mentioned problem during startup and I can’t enter FS2020 for the moment. Any solution to get back into the sim?

Hi @LeadCypress9279 - Did you purchase direct from Orbx (using Orbx Central) or did you purchase via the MSFS Marketplace?

i purchased it via MSFS marketplace in app

Do you know how to locate the “Community” folder that was added when you installed MSFS? It will be in a directory with another folder named “Official”.

When you look inside the Community folder, you should see a folder for LOWI. I suggest you move (not delete) the LOWI folder out of the Community folder, then try and restart MSFS.

what is the exact path of that folder? I installed everything on another drive, not standard install on drive c:, Thats why I’m asking

found it. is the marketplace not a good solution for purchasing addons?

i took the lowi folder out of MSFS and FS2020 started again. I^m not sure to try another install of LOWI via the Marketplace even I paid it already. Any othe solution to get the airport installed?

Glad that worked for you!

Actually, the Marketplace is a good solution since it keeps all addon files in one location without having files scattered all over your hard drive. Folks have wanted this type solution for a long time.

Many have installed LOWI without a problem. Maybe you should try again and see if the issue resolves itself. If it doesn’t, check with Orbx support to see what they are saying there.

I^m currently reinstall LOWI but it seems there is an issue to be solved. It hangs since 20 Minutes with the message “Waiting”. The download is completely done. I have a glassfiberhigh speed connection of 1 Gig download, so tzhis can^t be the reason for. I let it run and hoping it will be installed soon.

I Have the exact same problem except I downloaded the Orbx London scenery dlc from the MS store. I also got the “Waiting” message. I waited for about five minutes, then rebooted the sim and now all I get is the photo of the TBM at KSFO and no status bar. The sim is totally unplayable now! I hope the patch comes soon.

the solution with deleting the folder within oficial folder solves the issues that FS2020 doesn’t start up again. I wrote ORBX for solving this issue, I guess they will contact the developers if the issue is FS related.

Ok, Thanks. I’ll try deleting the folder.

just got informed by ORBX that this is a MSFS issues, where can bugs reported here?

Sartanius, as you can read below, I’m not the only which has problems with failed installations out of the official marketplace. Just got informed by ORBX that I should get in contact with the vendor. I guess this Asobo or Microsoft itself. It seems that there is bug in marketplace which has to be solved quickly, maybe server related and from where a user logs into marketplace. For me is the current situation, that I apid for something which I can’t use and which is not working. Can you please forward this to the developers please and giving more information to get this failure solved?

Here is the answer from ORBX:
Hi Stephan,

I am unable to do anything for you because you did not purchase the product at OrbxDirect, you need to contact the vendor for help.


On my system the Orbx - Landmark London-city-pack was found in the…Packages/Official/OneStore directory. I moved it to my desktop, and now I can use the sim again. I’m not going to try and download it again until the new patch comes. Thanks thydney and Sartanius for your help.

you are very welcome and I do the same. Dissapointed a bit that I paid for something which I can’t use, but I’m sure they will get the marketplace working as expected in near future due to it’s central position on sales addons.