FS2020 keeps re-installing itself over and over

My system is brand new and more than fast enough to run the sim at decent rate when it is working.

I’ve already re-installed this thing myself from the very beginning due to constant crashes. It completely restarts my computer every time.

Now whenever it is started up, it either freezes completely on one of the decompressing stages, or it re-installs itself completely unprovoked. All 90-something GBs!! What a a waste of money. Has anyone a fix for this?

Is it a new pre-built system? And if so, did it come with anti-virus pre-installed?

I’m asking because there have been issues over the past months of AV software interfering with MSFS installation causing it to hang or crash on install.

No mate. It doesn’t have any in built anti virus but thanks for the suggestion.

Oh well. I wish you luck getting it sorted. It just sounded like the same issue people were having some time ago when their AV and firewallls were interfering with the download and / or install process.