FS2020, Quest 2, and Virtual Desktop possible without using Steam VR?

I’ve had moderate success using Virtual Desktop with my Quest 2 to run FS2020 using Steam VR, but I’m wondering is it possible to bypass Steam VR altogether?
I’ve tried setting active runtime to the open xr (instead of steam xr) but FS says headset not detected. What am I missing to make it work?
My wireless connection to my PC using VD is so smooth and stable, but it seems like as soon as I switch into Steam VR things get a bit choppy.
Thanks for any help!

Use Airlink in the Quest 2 beta settings. Set openxr to Oculus option. Hmm I have the MS/store version of MSFS 2020 so not sure if steam version stops you using airlink?

I have been able to get it working with Air Link. I’m just trying to figure out if I can use Virtual Desktop (without Steam VR) instead.

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