Fs2020: Reprise

When this sim launched, I was on my computer at midnight waiting to fire it up the day it came out. 6 months later I asked for a refund and got it ( Thank you @Jummivana ) , and uninstalled it completely from both my computers. Those that have been through those times will know why. Still lurked on the forums out of morbid curiosity…. And finally decided to give it a go again.

TLDR; Much improved in all aspects, would have been a joy to play this two years earlier. Issues… yes, but overall… a good beginning with the potential to go places …

Experience v2 follows:

  1. Installed via game pass ( scars are too fresh ). Did all the updates. Used a wired connection to go through the full download … which completed after a long time, but without incident. Two thumbs up.

  2. Ran the game and it crashed immediately. I had Process Lasso running… oops. Ok, shut it off… try again. Run it from the Xbox for pc applet this time, yay, got the logos !!

  3. Update download time. Again, went slow, appeared to get stuck, but recovered. Opportunity here… if these updates are MANDATORY…why not update the install files? Or download the update at the same time? …. Something to think about?

  4. Booted up fine on a i7 w 32 G of RAM and a GeForce 980 with 4 G of VRAM. Even in medium mode with some tweaks to LOD etc… looked great ( Photogrammetry OFF ). 30 fps with v sync on and low object density, but definitely immersive. Noice !

  5. Picked the TBM … controls at default sensitivity , yoke, pedals and throttle quadrant. Brakes seemed to be fairly ineffective on taxi… have to stomp on them to come to a crawl then get off again. Steering response is twitchy … on the power … again … some calibration probably indicated …but smooth roll and lift. Pitch and roll response also could be tweaked but not bad…ap, yd, gos, all work…

  6. Approach … flaps ballooning a little too much, dropping the gear helped ( good )… pretty stable

  7. Flare and landing … lot of drift, maybe my landing technique … and a lot, lot of braking required to slow down…. I was standing on the pedals at some point… and don’t think this is typical for the 90 knots over the numbers kind of flying I was trying to do….

  8. I hated the banana taxi lights the first time I saw them , and my opinion hasn’t changed at all.

  9. Greatly encouraged, I bought a 3070 Ti.

  10. Running on ultra ( still no photogrammetry ) works now ! And things are smooth…. I really think I am going to enjoy rubbernecking….for quite awhile in this sim.

Credit where credit is due.

Fix ATC and the weather. Please…. That is all it will take for people to have a great time in this sim!!

Thanks for sticking with it!

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For #7, you might consider going into reverse thrust to help slow down until you hit 30 Kts, and then brake. It works a lot better now and saves brake wear (well don’t have to pay for brakes in the sim!! :grinning:).
The 930 (and others) also now how feathering modelled much better than they used to have.
It’s getting better, with some things that we keep swatting at here in the forums, and they seem to be truly interested in fixing at some point…


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