FS2020 scale

Hi, I don’t know the exact word for it but in FS2020, everything feels really far away such as the clouds. In previous sims, everything felt really close, especially in external view. does anyone know what exactly this is and if there is a setting for it in MSFS? Sorry for the lack of description but I would like to know what this is called, Thanks.

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That is because the default zoom levels are so far out. The camera has an ultra-wide angle look to it. You can zoom in to reduce the effect, but there’s no way to then move the camera away from the aircraft.

I fundamentally disagree with the direction they took the camera in this sim compared to previous versions. I absolutely hate that I can’t get a standard spot plane view like I’ve had for 25 years. Track IR is the only way to convince the camera to get into the position I want, but I don’t want to use TIR/headphones every single time I fly. The old standard view gives you such a better view of the scenery below compared to the raised ultrawide angle view you currently get. They obviously went for the “cinematic” camera vs. what’s actually useful for simmers.


If you’re a photographer, the typical FSX FOV was more like a 35mm, and MSFS is more like a 20mm, which is why you get exaggerated foreground elements in certain default camera views and more noticable distortion.


Thanks for the replies, hopefully they make some kind of slider for this :slight_smile:

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