FS2020 to play / Xplane 11 to fly

FS2020 is an amazing game to play and enjoy with the sights. It will be the better for a long time, sure. But, it’s not compatible with multi screen, most of the Saitek/Logitech items are not ready to use or directly unavailable.
So, at least at this moment I prefer to continue simming with X-Plane and will use FS2020 to play.
What do you think about this? Are you agree?


I’m doing the same. All my airline stuff and vatsim flights will be on xplane. Ga and mess around 2020.


In it’s current state that sounds like a good plan. Enough is simulated for my kind of flying without any issues (VFR, dead-reckoning and pilotage) but I’ve still got X-Plane if I want to fly a heavy or have better systems modeling.

Hopefully it won’t take too long for the SDK to get up to speed so we can start seeing some aircraft with excellent systems modeling.


Yes! As soon as PMDG or Carenado start doing their best, we will get complex aircrafts to be used with MS2020.
But I think that the physics, specially in the touchdown, are better in X-Plane.
Landings in FS2020 are not well simulated, in my opinion.
Microsoft is doing well, because they are focused this like a game, reaching millions of gamers. Simmers are a small community at all, it’s more rentable to focus MS2020 to the gamers.
This is a game, not a simulator!

X-Plane ground handling sucks compared to MSFS I think but my rudder needs a small curve to feel good. But it can be hard to say. I didn’t feel like there was anything largely wrong with landing in MSFS though I do think I maybe flaring a bit early in MSFS which I don’t do in X-Plane.

It is hard for me to say which is better compared to real life because I don’t have the physical sensation. So I guess I am happy enough with it and put it down to having more a lot more sim time in X-plane.

I think this is the first time I have seen Carenado and complex in the same sentence without the word “not”.

As a VFR pilot I find FS2020 to be superior to X-Plane 11 even if it was released with some rough spots. The flight model is also much more realistic overall. As I start working on my IR I know I’ll want better modeled GPS navigators or 3rd party add-ons like RealityXP, but otherwise I’m quite pleased.

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Are we really doing this again? Try searching the other million thread long forum topics on this. I give this 20 more posts before it descends into opinionated vitriol

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FS2020 to fly / Xplane to laugh


FS2020 to test, play, explore, hope, drool.

P3D to practice startup/fly/shutdown with my A2A fleet. Not even close to uninstalling.

XP never considered.

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I disagree. Works fine for my flying needs, and no i’m not just playing. My opinion, you asked lol Will i be even more excited when we get some study level airliners, of course. But right now the TBM is holding me over.

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2 weeks from launch now, wait for developers and you’ll see the difference.
I like X-plane, but I think it is another generation and dynamics exaggerated.