FS2020 update disappoints again lost yoke & throttles

so after this last update on fs2020 world 2 everything was working perfect. Today i load up to fly and there is a another update. now i no longer see goflight yoke or throttles. sensitivities does not show throttle or yoke anymore but shows ch peddles and keyboard and mouse. I have reloaded goflight drivers and interface but with no luck. i have unplugged and plugged back in , no luck. I have no idea what to do now. this game just seams to be a horrible experience from the beginning… just when you getting it dialed in they break it with these ■■■■ updates… anyone have any ideas how to get them back and working.


Yesterday’s (3, December) update was only nav data. Something else has to have happened with your system.

One thing to check would be whether Windows itself can see those controllers. Then check that they are working. Bring up whichever calibration interface you use, but don’t calibrate, just observe the axes, and check that as you deflect the yoke, and manipulate the throttle, that you see these on screen.

If they are seen there, then we can move on to the sim.

After the update it happened to me also. Then I noticed that I had unplugged them.

There was an earlier update where they added defaults for the honeycomb yoke and ch pro pedals. I got both at the same time and now my yoke, throttle and pedals do not work. Windows sees them just fine, Xplane sees them just fine. FS2020 is the problem.