FS2020 Version 1.9.3 - sudden Crash to Desktop

i investigated a bit.

And i guess i found a solution (for now).

ATC is not the problem. The Addons in the Community Folder are the problem.
Remove them all, and you can fly (well for me it worked).

Edit: i said in my last post “only Frankfurt is the problem”. Sure i added the “Europaturm” in Frankfurt. After removing, everything was fine.

Hope it will help u2

Hi Frank thanks for your information, I have still an empty Community folder and haven’t installed any addons installed by myself. Have just bought some airpoirts via marketplace. So’ I’m not sure if the community folder is the reason for CtD’s in FS. I installed the english-us language pack meanwhile and set the atc to windows-offline. will check today if the CtD’s are solved with this. The CtD’s are existing first since patch 2, I really hope it will be solved soon by Asobo.

See the known issues list. There are some suggestions there about turning ATC to offline and also a suggestion about not using the Co pilot for the ATC.

where do I find the issue list with solutions for solving it? the link would be very helpful.

Ramdom crash too, vfr map fault, check that.

Here - sorry, was on mobile eariler and couldn’t post the link - make sure to click the thread link (the top one) and not the link in the actual thread itself. You’ll see what I mwan when you do it

No, apparently it’s not the Addons. I took them off the Communty folder and I flew over Tokyo at night : it crashed after 19 minutes. Back to the Windows desktop.
If we have crashes and bugs with every update, it’s not going to be great . For a game supposed to be completed !


@CirrusSRx, well for most of my friends, which deleting all addons, it fixed the CTD.
Btw. i’ve got CTD also while i play, after 20 min, after 50 mins, sometimes not.
I guess this is something else, which is not solved by deleting addons.

I’ve got also CTD if the VFR-MAP was closed at startup and if i try to open it, CTD.

So far i see, these are all different bugs and not fixed with one workaround.

I’ve also removed the FREE Content from Marketplace.

I can speak only for me (and some Friends), the ATC is working and creates no CTD for me/us.

Well, i know its not good to downgrade everything, but better as to get a CTD.

Fly safe

@CaptainKatana99. Yes, it is special. I put this video on YouTube (https://youtu.be/qxCLbpTuGLQ) that would show problems with the VFR card : “The loss of the G1000 display occurs just after the ATC contact, which also corresponds to the error display of the VFR Card (6:25)”.

A little before, I attempted after a take-off from Tokyo airport, a flight to Mount Fuji. Over the mountains, I had a crash.
I will fly again in the day without using the VFR card, to see.

Sudden crash to Desktop too…
I made IFR flight from RJGG to RJTT in Japan with A320 neo, after patch update.
Flew 1 hour, close to Tokyo, Sudden crash happened during descending in approaching to Haneda.
Yes, at that time plenty of sim player was flying around Tokyo due to Update in Japan.
But I didn’t open VFR map (this fault also happen). So I wonder if this crash was caused by heavy network flow…

Curious ! I’ll still try a flight without the VFR card. That said, the problem may be elsewhere

Result after new flight : more than one hour flight to Mount Fuji without using the external VFR map, approach Tokyo airport (RJTT) with using the zoom on the G1000 VFR map, the display of my cockpit view that forces on the right, loss of the G1000 card screen, and crash program, while I was approaching the runway !

Hi, I flew weekly event in Japan - Tokyo, and the result was the same as you. When I’m flying near the last bridge and incoming approaching to Tokyo right screen pilot turn to black and the front glass bright was dimmed before CtD occur.

same here after Fuji mount approaching the airport the game crashed 2 times

How do you explain that some, don’t have any ctd’s at all then ?:thinking:
My wild guess, is that all the people with ctd’s son’t have a stable rig to start with. They probably build themselves their own pc…(it’s a guess…not a blame nor accusation, but how many people who build their own pc, really are IT schooled?).
And if not, then their pc or a part of it ( gpu, cpu alone,internet connection/speed/provider, name it) is not “strong enough” to handle msfs…
Sure, msfs, is not flawless, at all…but when i read the different threads, people asume too fast that the problem is the always the source…but they never can imagine it might come from their side…
In the meantime, i really hope you’ll find a solution to your problem(s).

No, please don’t exaggerate !
For your information, this crash problem only occurs since the Japan update.

Now, for IT training, thank you, it’s my job ! :+1:t2:
And regarding my hardware, it’s good, thank you : configuration (i7 7700k, 32GB Ram, 8GB graphics card, fiber).

Now, why do some have this problem and others don’t ?
For now, I’ve only had it near Tokyo, heading to its airport, just as “LuminalPuma9412” and “JapuX360ed” seem to say.
Now, is it local or general across the world ? I haven’t tested it yet.

But in the face of so much certainty, I prefer close the conversation.
The information on this problem are sufficient.

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With respect, as someone with over 30 years IT experience and as an industry expert in application delivery and networking I find your wild guess somewhat condescending. However having experienced my first CTD after the latest update yesterday I will respond.

My setup is a commercial build. It is completely stable and well within recommended specs. It also had zero crashes prior to this update. It runs the sim well within it’s capabilities and in general it is a fantastic experience. However I have also seen the other main issues that have been highlighted on these forums occur - I typically fly the a320 - and have experienced the left engine failure, the cold and dark start issues and dark screen issues with the pfds. None of these were down to my setup either.

It is clear that Asobo are using agile development - which is great in that they’re able to release updates on a regular basis, but these issues highlight the downside in that by necessity testing cannot ever be as granular as old fashioned waterfall 6 monthly / yearly releases. It is what it is and despite the issues it’s still a fantastic experience and I can say that as someone who’s spent the last couple of years flying on p3d 4 and 5 - MSFS is streets ahead graphically.

To summarise - there are issues. It is not fair, in general, to blame end users - though of course there will be scenarios where they are the cause. The program is new, it is hugely complicated and hugely ambitious and patience is needed.

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I am sorry if it “sounded” condescending…it was not meant such way, far from that.
And your summary is at the end what i wanted to express, but your writting is obviously better than mine. I am happy that someone manage to put my thoughts with tact and better vocabulary.

My apologies to you too, didn’t mean to offend you or blame you personnaly. My main idea is what SupperDiggers wrote in summary of his msg. And i said, for my defense, it is a “wild guess”. Of course there are many capable it’ers, and even gifted/ self tought persons. These are not the whining people. These are the ones with concrete bugs looking for a concrete solution ( temporary or long term ). That’s the beauty of this website.
I’m just a bit tired of all these non objective constant whining people.
And my “wild guess” ( or condescendance, depends the interpretation) was directed towards them…
In the meantime, i wish all of us will find solution to their probs, and happy flying!

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Seriously? How old are you?

I have 4670k and 970. Purchased fs on release day. Had lot’s micro stutters throughout the game. Last update before Japan made a world of difference. Cpu usage spread nicely over 4 cores. No stutter at all. Smooth 24fps 1200p ultra. After Japan update crashes began. Had to drop down to high settings which in turn increased my fps to 35. I still have vfr crash issue. And my cockpit display freezes sometimes so cannot see the altitude and speed targets as I’m adjusting them.