FS2020 with PSVR and IVRY

I’ve been flying FS 2020 (downloaded via steam, together with the IVRY drivers) with my PSVR connected to my computer since January, it all ran rather smoothely. But in early February something changed: I can no longer start the VR mode from the FS2020 option (“switch to VR” or ctrl+tab). If I try, my headset does turn on but I am stuck in the default environment (mountains + night sky VR picture).
I can still launch the VR mode by turning on steamVR before starting FS2020, but as mentionned several times in this forum, this results in much lower game performances and the stutter is so terrible it makes the game unplayable. I have tried re-installing steamVR and IVRY but that does not help. I suspect some faulty steamVR or IVRY update in early February made this happen, but not quite sure.
Has anyone come across the same problem and found any solutions?

My hardware/software:
FS2020 bought via steam
PSVR connected with IVRY drivers
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X, GPU: 2060

When I first tried iVRy with SteamVR, I had a very similar experience to what you are having and fixed it by ensuring iVRy Mode is VRDirect and FS2020 is set to launch in Steam with the “Use Desktop Game Theater while SteamVR is Active” setting unchecked. The latter setting in particular allows FS2020 to transition to VR when CTRL TAB is pressed. As long as SteamVR is running when I do so, regardless of whether I start FS2020 or SteamVR first, it swtiches properly to VR.

I have had one time where mine stopped working and did what yours did again and I found it was after a Steam software update which changed my “Use Desktop Game Theater while SteamVR is Active” setting for FS2020 back to checked. Setting it to unchecked fixed it instantly.

Thanks very much for these tips, they fixed my problem. I suspect many other VR users have been affected by the same problems so it’s important that this post remains visible, it will likely help many other players out there!

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I am glad that I could help and that you can now enjoy VR flying again!

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