FS2020 with Quest 2 Very Poor!

This is a general comparison with other games, sims, and AeroFly FS2 flightsim. Not dedicated VR Sims or Games. I have seen most of the posts, and YouTube videos of adjusting settings, on Win10 Graphics, Nvidia Game & 3D settings, Oculus settings and Debug Tool, et. My monitor mode in 4K is superb, crisp and fast frame rates all in ultra. But despite all the settings efforts, I just can not get an acceptable level of detail and performance in FS2020 VR, I know that I can not compare to monitor mode. All software IS updated. Hi spec PC i9-11900K, 32GB Ram, RTX3090. In AeroFly FS2, the cockpit and interior of Aircraft are much sharper, and the scenery is a hugely better, and much smoother framerate. It is not the Quest 2 at fault, and certainly not my PC Spec. It is FS2020 VR. Sick of trying to tweak settings. I love FS2020 in monitor mode, but forget it in VR, or play AeroFly FS2 in VR.

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