I just recently purchased FS2Crew for the FBW a320 and I absolutely cannot get voice recognition to work. I have done every single fix on the FS2crew help section, including uninstalling, reinstalling fs2crew, changing languages, changing hardware, and so on.

My voice recognition for windows works just fine with any hardware I use, I can control the pc and dictate to it flawlessly, windows (10) is up to date, all drivers up to date, everything else works great…FS2crew works great using the the keyboard, but when I try to change to voice control in the config menu, upon closing the menu I receive the error message “unable to activate windows speech recognition” and it reverts to keyboard control.

Has anybody else experienced this and found a solution? any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Have you gone on to FS2crew forum…Normally very quick to reply…

I always had this issue if I just started installing it. First thing that you can do is download all the Speech recognition language pack and turn on Recognise non-native accents. Then you can do the Windows speech improvement, where you have to train the PC to recognise your voice by reading a whole bunch of sentences multiple times.

Then make sure your headset or microphone is set as the default communication device and do some voice recording, and play it back. If you can hear your own voice clearly, that’s a good step.

At the end, it does take several tries. You’ll need to go through several attempts where it fails to recognise your voice and you just keep saying them clearer until they do. But over time, it gets better and able to listen to your voice easier later on.

Still no luck. Like I said, speech recognition WORKS PERFECTLY in windows or any other app that can use it.

The problem is simply that fs2crew cannot “activate” voice recognition.

I have tried reinstalling several times, running as admin, deleting all audio drivers and letting windows reinstall them.

I’ve gotten no help from the avsim fs2crew forum either…

Button control works fine but I would much prefer voice control.


I had this problem with FS2crew PBE, you havent got Nahimic installed, or Asus sonic at all…was made aware to remove those if installed.

I have the exact same issue… did we get a solution to this as yet … No problems with Language Packs just doesnt work with Fs2Crew

I’m using the Auto-respond mode now. Much better.

Disabling Nahimic service worked for me. Simple, weird, but worked for me.