FSDreamTeam CYVR

Hello all, I purchased the FSDreamTeam CYVR port and tried to fly around CYVR approximately 3-4 times, each time resulting in a CTD. I wasn’t sure what was causing the issue so I used the process of elimination, low and behold deleting the scenery stopped CTD in the Vancouver area. If the dev is kicking around here and able to provide some feedback, that would be great.


I have not this scenery and I have CTD all the time when I try landing on Vancouver airport with basic scenery. Have not idea why…

it’s on your end i don’t ctd at all flying around the airport, taking off or landing.

That’s good to know. Are you running with AI or real time traffic? Haven’t had a single CTD since I uninstalled the scenery. Did two flights in and out of YVR and a couple around Europe since.

real time, ai is a hog do’t use that also it might just be the planes cause they are all ■■■■ and it could be the game it self cause just cause one thing works about 100 others are broken this is the worse flying game i have ever had and we thought this was a sim just trash if you ask me so don’t beat yourself up over it.

Hi. Go directly to the FSDT forums and post your experience with the CTD. Here is a thread started about the CTD issue in the FSDT forums: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,24377.0.html

The more people that post about the problem, the faster the FSDT developers will realize the problem and try to fix it.

Thanks for that. I’ve been in touch with their support and the guy is insistent that it’s not their scenery. He’s arguing that its something in the sim leading to the CTDs and not their scenery, even if removing the scenery has stopped the CTDs. I’ve seen some posts by the DreamTeam guys on FSElite and it seems like they are quite argumentative with their customers or potential customers. It does sound like English isn’t their first language so it could be a situation where things are lost in translation.

I dont think they are looking at a fix, since to them, the problem isn’t their product. Unfortunately with the state of the sim I don’t have a solid ground to stand on.