FSDreamTeam fixes KEYW bug, but Marketplace customers can't get it

(2) Fsdreamteam | Facebook

Get the fix for misplaced taxlights at Key West due to the recent World Update, just run the FSDT Live Update now, if you bought the scenery from FSDT or Simmarket.

Those that bought it from the MS Marketplace will have to wait until the patch gets approved by Microsoft so, it’s possible that by that time, the simulator would have been fixed already.

Are there any updates on the horribly broken Marketplace? I am so tired of being stuck waiting for updates weeks after the vendor makes them available. This one is particularly galling because the bug that Asobo introduced in World Update 3 makes the airport so ugly, I don’t want to fly there until it is fixed.

Yes, FSDreamteam has to send the package to MS for inclusion in the MarketPlace but that can take time for file check and verification. It’s the same for Carenado and sometimes it can take weeks…

Hope they will improve the process…