FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

Thanks both of you for clarifying my doubts about GSX. I think I’ll wait for now.

The Kodiak has a profile on flightism.to that can help with gsx


Thanks for the info. But I prefer to wait until GSX receive an upgrade giving more love to the cargo ops. Both the previous comments and some videos I’ve been watching lately, it seems mostly/only focused on passenger ops. Maybe in the future they’ll release a cargo expansion not only for airliners, but also smaller turboprops or even bushy GA. IMHO I think there is a niche waiting for being explored. And FDT have the tech. Who knows…

Yes some do. But I don’t know if that applies to marketplace airports, if someone can advise that would be good.

Applies only to airports that are included in the game.

What’s the general consensus with GSX… has it improved since release? Does it impact performance at all? Considering picking it up.

Has potential to be good.

All addons impact performance to some degree, from negligeable to severe.

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I’ve picked it up. I have enough planes haha. More immersion is needed now. So we’ll see what’s what, with the product being out for what, a year now?

I’ve only been using it for a few weeks. I like what it can add to the sim. When it works properly it’s fantastic, very much adds to the realism and overall experience. Seeing passengers walking down the jetway while calculating performance numbers in the EFB just makes it feel alive.

When the pushback works it’s fantastic, no more manual reversing without being able to see where you’re going, it’s all handled properly by the ground crew like it should be.

Unfortunately it’s not always like that. It’s the most inconsistent product I own. Often it doesn’t work first time or does weird things. You have to spend a lot of time searching for GSX profiles on flightsim.to or forums so it behaves itself properly, otherwise it will probably do something stupid such as pushback into a building causing the plane to crash.

Then you find some of the profiles are not very good, gates are mismatched etc and you end up spending even more time trying to fix the profiles so it works.

Sometimes it crashes on you but not in a predictable kind of way that you can usefully report as a reproducible bug.

All in I reckon I’ve spent much longer messing around trying to make this software work correctly than I’ve spent using it and I find that really frustrating.

What it really needs is a centralised managed repository for GSX profiles which could be curated by the community and then automatically downloaded as needed. This could save dozens of hours for every user which is surely many man years of time.

Personally I’m really spilt on this product. Some of the time I’m loving using it and a lot of times I regret buying it, as then I’d spend more time actually flying rather than messing around with software and configurations.


spot on except for the part about gsx profiles, i never use them ,they are a pain and often dont work, i use the setting “Su12 navdata api” instead, for the limited amount i use it it seems to work (im not fussed about operators being at right gates).

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Cheers for the insight dude. I agree that a central repository for profiles would be good, and maybe it could be prudent for airport developers to include a profile with their product (although I accept that’s unrealistic).

That setting is now the default and can’t be changed, so I’ve not tried it any other way. But my experiences at airports without profiles have been poor. It’s not about operators at gates, but about correct pushback and correct passenger behaviour (eg. The right jetway, bus or walking and taking the right route, not floating, etc.).

I agree entirely.

GSX profiles are scattered over the Internet

The quality of available GSX profiles is indeed a big issue. Anyone can create a profile and upload it to flightsim.to and other places, but many are amateurish attempts and even some official profiles provided by developers can be lacking.

Some airfields have profiles from multiple contributors and you need to compare star ratings, feedback comments, and how recently each one was updated to make any kind of informed decision about which one to use.

Of course you can make your own and be in total control, but who has time to edit every parking spot for every airport they use. So downloading ready made profiles becomes somewhat of a necessity.

A centralised and curated source for GSX profiles would be a blessing.


As long as they put the effort into updating and refining it, I’m okay with teething issues etc.

Some do, some don’t.

I think it’s just a case of, like was said, doing research. Looking at reviews of profiles etc, before using.

For sure, it can all be done if you spend enough time on it.

Do you have copious or limited free time? Would you rather be flying instead of scouring websites, editing configs, restarting the sim, etc.

Only the user can decide which balance is best for them.

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Indeed, I don’t mind a bit of research, trial and error etc but yes really I just want to fly, same as most of us.

The whole point of that setting was so you didn’t have to use profiles this was to get round the fact you cant read the bgl file for market place airports. if that setting is default do profiles even do anything?
the issue with floating passengers on jetways is usually down to not disabling custom jetways for third party airports .
i never use profiles and haven’t had any of the issues you describe the only thing i get issues with is the stupid script failing to start occasionally after a long flight or recently right at the beginning.

i do wish we could edit passenger numbers for boarding and deboarding this to me apart from script errors is the biggest let down

I’ve tested it a bit, and when it works, it’s very, very good. I will obviously test it with custom profiles etc but I’ve tested at a couple of airports (Munich, Hamburg) and it was good. Didn’t work at one of FSDT’s own airports, bizarrely (LFSB) but apart from that, definitely promising.

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