FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

I’ve had this happen a couple times with GSX running. Also, from time to time I lose all ground traffic (don’t see the baggage handlers but can hear them loading the plane. Don’t see the “follow me” vehicles even though GSX says they are there. Stuff like that). Haven’t figured out what is causing it, but happens from time to time.

Still really enjoying this add-on in spite of these strange side-effects from time to time. Of course my wife thinks I’m nuts sitting at the gates for 30+ minutes watching all the ground activity and PAX loading up… :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone, I need help with a problem in my gsx, at the beginning of the installation, during the first 3 or 4 flights I could choose the airlines of my stairs, now it won’t let me do that, as a result sometimes I am in LEBL (Barcelona ) with an Iberia plane and the stairs are KLM from Frankfurt airport, is there a solution to this or has something broken? Thank you for your help

Is there an option to speed up the baggage loading?

The passenger boarding finishes way before the baggage carts are done and it is a bit annoying.

I usually just increase sim rate to 4x when flying 737 to finish loading.

Hello, i used AREX for long time, which is nice for “regional” immersion, and i now use GSX (and disabled arex for avoid errors) but it is intented that GSX don’t have generic regional véhicles ?

Off course for me i can choose wich service company use, but when i watch the other vehicles on airport, its like a mess where there is all companies of the world. For exemple there is many “chevron” fuel truck in Paris airports, and shell too, bp etc… Also there is many firetruck everywhere, red and yellow (and yellow got red lod so its kinda strange when they change colours…) all that make it feel like a big mess, mostly after used AREX.

So i wanted to know, is this intended or is this a bug ? Or can we hope regional véhicles like AREX in futures ?
Thank you.

Didn’t work, same error sadly…

I dont know what else could be wrong, maybe your location is different then the paypal/CC info (Tax problem). Best thing to do is go to their forum and ask.

Only had it once when vanilla KLAX just disappeared so I don’t think it can be a 3rd party airport bug.

I filled in all the info accordingly, I have honestly no idea what’s going on…
I jumped on their Forum, see what comes of it :slight_smile:

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Of course there are regional vehicles in GSX, it’s just that regions are very coarse ( region A is half Europe ) and GSX has so many operators that, many of them will fit in a region, because the region is very big, so you think it’s a “mess”, but that’s just because GSX has lots of operators and the regions are too big.

However, this only affect Living World vehicles, which are the ones that wanders around the airport randomly without doing anything.

When the vehicles perform a service ( for AI planes, for example ), they are instead customized BY AIRPORT, so the choice of operators is way more precise, due to about 15000 “Airport service” files, which specify the operators for a single ICAO, without being limited “by region”.

We asked a long time ago the ability to define custom regions, it has been hinted as possibly coming, but we never heard about it anymore but, obviously, since all GSX vehicles assignments are automatically compiled from a set of rules, if custom regions will eventually come, both Living World and Airport Services will have the same by-airport operators.

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Thank you for your answer !

I Understand the point, its just that i was to much used to AREX vehicles i think, also beside liveries, AREX has good variety of vehicles with services cars, postal trucks etc… The only thing who really bother me in GSX is the big amount of firetruck everywhere, but beside this, the amount of work in GSX is impressive, with the airport gates and everything else, its a really big mod and worth it.

Is there some update now that this works? SInce a week or so i cannot load couatl anymore and i have no updates installed? It really starts to be a bummer this addon

I suggest using the “Release Notes” button to check if there has been any updates. In fact, we just had an update:



Still half the time it works, half it doesnt. Tried offline, live and installer updates. It’s still very unstable.
Now the rolling wheel graphic as the window opens is frozen on my screen.

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Guys is this worth buying atm?

Juat the pushback routine makes it for me. Passenger movement with custom profiles of course needs some work to be done but with simbrief integration makes it a nice thing to increase immersion. Takes a while getting used to and is by no means perfect.

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As long as you accept that it is buggy, and you are willing to pay despite of this, it is very very recommendable for airliner flying. The graphics are amazing, and you get customized jetways and ground vehicles anywhere in the world. Plus, the follow-me car for departure and arrival, and a very nice pushback sequence.
You just need to take the bugs with some humor, like when passengers start walking in the air… xD
And beware, it is not as user-friendly as the developer says, it really takes some learning curve to start enjoying it…

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how did you get the "follow me car to work for Departures ?? i can get it for arriving but not departing

Haha I’m ok with that I have been simming for way too long to be bothered by strange bugs. I’ll pick it up just because I’m addicted to the Fenix A320.

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I have the same questions too. Five flights recently, only once time sucessfully with Follow Me car on departure, he guided me till I parked on centerline of runway before he went away.

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