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Just purchased Gsx and I have an issue which appears to be caused by my external drive being formatted in exfat. Caused me an issue initially as I couldn’t install msfs initial files on the drive but like a noob just installed the main files on c drive and all other files on the external. Now appears Gsx can’t link to the community folder on the exfat drive. I’ve seen addon linker might be a solution but never used it. I don’t have enough space to move everything somewhere else to reformat the drive so to save hours of re downloading wondered whether anyone had a step by step guide to linking Gsx through addon linker instead?

I’m sorry but, the problem is not unique to GSX: nothing can create Symbolic links to folders, unless the drive is formatted in NTFS, this is a Windows design issue, and the only filesystem that allows symlinks is NTFS:

The only possible solution is reformat the drive in NTFS.

This is the best solution long term, because NTFS it’s a more reliable filesystem, which handles better file corruption or bad sectors, and it supports 100% of the Windows filesystem functions, so it’s compatible with more Windows applications.

Since on external drives, the chance of losing data due to a power loss ( cable disconnected, for example ) are even higher than on an internal drive, not using NTFS it’s even more dangerous than on an internal drive, because the lack of journaling.

The issue is, most external drives come pre-formatted on factory in ExFat, so you can use them right away on PC, Mac and Linux without reformatting, but it means they are using the lowest common denominator system, which doesn’t offer any of the reliability features of each OS.

Also, if you search this forum using “exFat” keyword, there are lots of posts about CTDs that has been fixed by formatting the drive the MSFS content is located (Official and Community), to NTFS.

There are some ways to change to NTFS without losing data, some have been explained here:

However, even that guide suggest you still need to backup your drive first.

How big is your Content folder ? Are you sure you don’t have any other place where you can backup that data, like another external drive ?

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Thanks for the advice. I actually bit the bullet and did a full reformat of the drive. Something to be honest I’d meant to do for a while but whilst my broadband speed isn’t awful it’s not like lightning either so I kept putting it off. Took me about 18 hours in total to download all the initial msfs content and all the additional world updates and marketplace purchases. Did save the community folder though so that was straight forward at least. Pleased to say all is now running smoothly :+1:t2:

I’ve downloaded custom scenery and custom gsx profiles, how come I never see marshaller on stand or the readout for parking (I have it ticked in settings) when i select my gate

v2.3.3 update out

2.3.3 - March 16th, 2023

  • GSX (all versions) NEW: Added the following operators: VINCI Airports, Atlantic Aviation, Signature.
  • GSX (all versions) fix: Don’t check for additional Pushback constrains during the initial check to close doors when Departure has been requested. Fixes FS Labs Concorde.

When you have a well set up ini file (I’m currently using 0llieJS, iniScene EGLL v3.02) GSX blows me away sometimes. This is at ini’s EGLL in T5. Passengers leaving the gate and head up an escalator they then go though zig zag lines/cordons before disappearing into T5.


Of late I’ve seen the person just disappear after completing the push-back. I remember, they used to walk back to the gate earlier. It happened on SimWings Munich and FSDT Zurich as well.

I always notice that as well. It would be good to have him walk back to the gate instead of disappearing.

Yeah, this magic disappearing trick was introduced a couple of updates back. I agree it was a little bit more immersive when the walker walked back to the gate…

Hi there, i am curious and sorry if this has been answered. When planning out waypoints for pushback, why can’t GSX implement something like a top down view using mouse to define waypoints and plan out the route? It has been implemented with freeware add-on, and its so much easier to plan, instead of using keyboard.


I also mentioned that while ago, the marshallers / or pushback personals after waving just disppear in front of your eyes. Actually when the personal walking back to the gate (even if he across in front of my airplane like before, was still much better than suddenly disappearance like now).

Along with that, the “Free this parking from AI” also not working properly (it works only when you stand in front of the chosen gate, click the option and the AI aircraft would disappear in front of your eyes).

All of these just kill the immersion. But it seems like the developer has just ignored it.

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Yes, it has been discussed and answered many times, and there are reasons why it works like that:

  • GSX runs entirely externally to the sim, using Simconnect, and there’s no way with Simconnect to handle mouse clicks in the scenery. The P3D version allowed it, because the SDK allowed it. The FSX version didn’t, because the FSX SDK didn’t, like the MSFS one. We obviously asked for such feature long ago, since the simulator clearly has the ability to do that, when in DevMode, it’s just not exposed to Simconnect apps. Of course, the minute Asobo will add some kind of mouse interface to the SDK, we’ll update the Pushback to use it, just like we already had in years in the P3D version.

  • The freeware pushback doesn’t work on the actual scenery like GSX. It works on a gauge Map view so, even if might looks “easier”, it’s less useful because, one of the main reasons you want to customize a pushback, is because you must maneuver in a limited space, likely due to buildings, extra scenery details, static vehicles, ground clutter. All things you can’t see on the Map view, which is why seeing the actual scenery instead of a 2d map is better.

  • While using the mouse might be easier to learn, once you learned the very few keyboard commands used by GSX, doing a Custom Pushback is faster in GSX.

  • You don’t even need to do as many custom pushbacks as in the freeware version, both because GSX automatic Pushback can usually sort out the vast majority of the situations, but also because even if you do, your custom pushback can be saved to be reused later without having to redo the whole easier-because-it-use-the-mouse procedure you are forced to do every time.

  • You don’t even have to create custom pushback yourself. Thanks to the extensive scenery customization features in GSX, which go way beyond Pushback, there’s a very large community of profile Creators that made pre-made airport profiles for every popular scenery out there, and this will lof course continue to improve in the future, with new features like custom Remote Decing, because each time we add a new feature in GSX, it will go back to the editor, resulting in improvements in the available custom profiles.


GSX seems to do pushbacks remarkably well…one of the best pushback tools around. I’ve not found a situation yet that it hasn’t worked as is. I now no longer use any other pushback tool (eg. default sim, pushback toolbar, pmdg 737 pushback, a320nx pushback etc).
If it’s not broken best not to fix it.


Thank you for the explanation, @Umberto67 . Great points and see the rationale for doing it the way it is. Hope simconnect can support mouse clicks someday soon!

Today Microsoft released Sim Update 12, which has added lots of important improvements to the sim covering many areas. But for FSDT and GSX Pro, the most important feature is the addition of full Jetway informations to the Navdata API, which will offer big benefits to how GSX works.

The changes are many and their impact so profound, we had to make a presentation video to explain in the detail how much this improves GSX:

We would like to thank Microsoft and Asobo for listening to all our suggestions about this new API, which has been added exactly like we asked, and makes GSX working with jetways so much better.


  • GSX MAJOR UPDATE: Support for the Sim Update 12 Navdata API, which allows proper Jetway recognition and handling in a more streamlined way, to solve all issues previously caused by the inability to detect jetways reliably, like invisible Passengers, Passengers walking on air, or Jetways retracting unpredictably.
  • GSX Pro NEW: Overall performance improvements due to using the new Simconnect feature added in SU12, to access L: Variables directly, bypassing the WASM module for all these. Reduced latency in the menu and in all cases were using L: variables are involved
  • GSX Pro NEW: Menu more responsive, in party due to Simbrief data read asynchronously. The menu will open without waiting for Simbrief to reply, and the Simbrief button will automatically refresh on opening, after receiving the flightplan data.
  • GSX Pro CHANGE: Usage of the SU12 Navdata is Enabled by default and it’s always active, since there aren’t any side-effects that could require going back to the legacy “Airport Cache” method, due to all the improvements in the SU12 SDK.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Solved a case when the GSX menu would be stuck on Loading.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Solved a case where the menu would automatically hide.

Thanks Umberto, sounds great!

Hello Umberto,
May I request “Avelo Airlines” as a new operator?

Just incase it helps others.

I updated to the latest version today, and Coatl wasn’t loading. Found it was removed from my sim exe. Ran the FSDT installer and completed the check.

This added it back in.

However, it was now crashing at launch (manually running I could see it pop up on task tray, then close).

To work around this I just deleted the Coatl folder and then ran the check again to let it re-install and all was good.

New versions today

2.4.2- March 22nd, 2023

  • GSX (all versions): Added new Catering operator: BFCC (Biman Flight Catering Centre) in Bangladesh.
  • GSX (all versions): Added new Handling operators: Biman Bangladesh Airlines and US-Bangla Airlines (Bangladesh), Scala Ground Handling (LFKF), Samsic, Atlantic Airways (EKVG), American Airline Red (KSBA), DHL White logo.
  • GSX (all versions): Fraport logo updated.

2.4.1 - March 22nd, 2023

  • GSX Pro Fix: Error if “Operate Jetway” was called before Navdata API completed to send all data about Jetways.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Rear Stairs not moving in some situations.

Since the most recent update I no longer have passengers boarding/ de boarding. they’re invisible. Everything else appears fine and the little window pops up counting how many passengers are on I just don’t see anyone?

The jet way is docked and 3rd party airports are excluded (this happened on default YSSY and YMML.

Any help would be appreciated!!