FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

Of course there is, you must have Enabled the Assistance Services “Auto” mode option in the Settings, which by default is Disabled. GSX Manual Page 30:

Assistance Services “Auto” mode
This option makes GSX running on Autopilot, activating all its services in sequence, automatically. If you start from Deboarding or Boarding, the autopilot will call Cargo/ Baggages services first, then Refueling and Catering at the same time. It will still be your responsibility to call Boarding when needed.

Version 2.6.5 – July 16th, 2023

  • GSX PRO: Added internal support for Justflight F28
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I’m happy that you found out what the problem was :+1:

Now I have to install it if I even have time today

I updated it to 2.6.5 but it doesn’t work with F28-4000 for me…

I just updated, and it’s not loading any simbrief plans for me, using the FBW A320. Tried reloading coualt script but nothing…

Fixed in 2.6.6 today:

UPDATE – 2.6.6 July 17th, 2023

  • GSX Pro Fix: Added missing -4000 variant for Justflight F28.

Thanks Umberto, that was quick.

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Works normally here:

The usual suggestions:

  • Be sure your Simbrief plan hasn’t expired. The last generated flight will disappear after a while on Simbrief.

  • Be sure your firewall is not blocking access from GSX to Simbrief

  • Be sure your Simbrief Alias is correct (it’s the Alias, which is a string, NOT the “Pilot ID”, which is a number )

  • Be sure the flightplan is correct for the airplane you use, meaning the ICAO code must match. A flight plan for an A320 won’t work on the FBW A320, because the correct ICAO for the FBW A320 is A20N (A320 NEO)

In any case, when you click the Simbrief button, GSX will indicate some kind of error, in case of any of these issues, that should help you figuring it out what’s wrong.

k, working now. For some reason, Simbrief just deleted my FBW aircraft out of my saved airframes. It then defaulted to my Fenix A320 profile, which I didn’t catch because they are named similar… Went back and added the FBW profile and now all is good…

Best source for aircraft ICAO codes:

Aircraft Type Designators (icao.int)

@Umberto67 just had a question about the up coming passenger in the cabin update. Is there going to be ambient sound coming from the cabin throughout the flight? Like as of now once boarding begins we can hear the flight crew greet passengers, overhead bins clicking open and shut but as soon as boarding is complete it goes silent.

Was just thinking today it would be cool if the sound continued or if there was any talk on that bring a feature?



Some ongoing sounds could be cool, but more subdued. In my experience as people settle into the flight many stick headphones on and occupy themselves so the noise level goes down naturally. Even more so with overnight flights where the cabin goes very quiet.

I’ve never been in the cockpit of an airliner during flight so I’ve no idea if the pilots can hear anything from the cabin while in the air. Maybe somebody with experience could comment.

Totally agree!! Like after the boarding compete chime rings it’s gets a lot quieter! Maybe not so much when we are in the cockpit but if we are viewing some camera views out of the windows we hear the sound of the passengers a little more!

But yes I agree the cabin can get pretty silent at times! Personally I can’t speak from experience in a closed cockpit like in an airliner- only small prop planes :joy:

Bought GSX last week, is has been great so far.
Is there a option to automatic select the gates? (based on aircraft and gate type)

Or is there a web page, where i can find the typcial gates which are used for the airline?

on-next GmbH - SimSounds - Flight Simulator Sounds

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Boarding, service sounds and announcements sounds:

LukeAirTool - Passenger Sim & Pushback Assist & METAR & Charts and more für Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

flightaware.com will show gate information for not all, but many flights

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Has anyone else had a recent struggle with the GSX menu not opening in game. 3 times in a row now when I start my flight everything goes smooth and as planned.

Once I get to my arrival and try opening the GSX menu to select gate and so on the menu just says “losing” and the white loading wheel spins and spins and spins! Haven’t had this issue before was curious if anyone else as of late has been getting this? I’m up to date on GSX as well.

Appreciate any help!

Have you tried this:

In the System Tray you can right click the Couatl icon and select the Restart Couatl option.