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The object not appearing at landing are a very well know problem that doesn’t have anything to do with GSX, it’s caused by having reached the maximum number of objects allowed in the sim (1000), it’s very well documented, and it happens more easily when you have highly detailed airport + lots of AI traffic + GSX, no single add-on is responsible for this, it’s a combination of all add-ons creating objects and, until the limit will be eventually raised, you must use whatever tools each add-on offers you to keep the number of objects under control.

On GSX side, these are the Passenger Density slider, the disabling of the Ground clutter option in the Config page (only effective at default airports which are the only ones were you are supposed to use GSX replacement jetways ) and the disabling of the Static VGDS in the Airport profile.

Pushback with the Fenix works much better now and doesn’t bump nearly as much as it did before.

Are you using the Fenix2GSX addon maybe ? We just had a discussion with the author that he had to do some changes to it, because the way the pushback changed in this version, so you might need to check if there’s an update to it.

If you still having issues with the Fenix, please don’t post them here, because this is not the place to get support for GSX. Post it to the FSDT support forum OR the GSX Creators channel on Discord, making complete report indicating all the following:

  • the airport used and if you had a profile, the custom profile in use

  • the gate used

  • the pushback direction you chose

  • if you are using the Fenix2Gsx add-on, which version

This is the proper way to have things investigated and issues fixed if they need to be.


Yes for sure I am aware of the object limitations in the Sim (hence AI planes disappearing or not showing up at the arrival airport). The issue of GSX objects not appearing even with the GSX functioning started happening only with this new version. Before, the GSX would not work properly if the objects didn’t show up. I have had GSX Pro since the beginning! The GSX actually functions ok, you can even select “Deboarding” but no objects appear! Look into it. This is unique to 2.7.7.

I am using the Fenix2GSX. No update yet. I rarely use the pushback but I tried it last night because of the notes in the recent update. Started good but ended very bad :wink:

In general though, why are some objects in the air? Is that a Sim issue? Like you can see the tow truck wheels not on the ground or half of passenger bodies under ground when they walk or above ground! I am guessing this can’t be fixed in the current sim correct?

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I can confirm this has nothing to do with object limitation as it happens on every arrival airport > everytime (which it didn’t before SU13 and/or 2.7.6 > 2.7.7)
(talking about no GSX objects on arrival airport)

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Thanks for confirming. 2.7.6 was fine! It’s just the 2.7.7

Please clarify what do you mean, exactly, with objects in the air. As “completely in the air”, or slightly raised of an almost unnoticeable amount ?

If they are really “in the air”, the most likely cause is, the default position without any GSX customization might be inside the crashbox of a building, or even on top or close to another object of the scenery, and when they have collision boxes, the GSX objects will be created on top of them. This of course can happen even with default ground vehicles and AI.

Yes, that’s correct, although the object limitation is there and CAN cause this. See this suggestion found on GSX Discord channel:

After SU13 I had a problem with the Microsoft fireworks package creating insane amounts of SimObjects, causing GSX to malfunction. It might be the same in your case, try this:

  • Go to the Content Manager
  • Search for ‘Fireworks’
  • The “City Update 3: Texas” should be listed → go to List View
  • Remove the Package “Microsoft Fireworks”

Multiple users confirmed it HAS fixed the issue for them.

However, what you reported might be caused by something else entirely, and it’s an issue with the changes happened to SU13 Navdata with regard to jetways ( 2.7.6 didn’t use SU13 SDK, that’s why you didn’t had the issue ), and it’s GSX trying to get data about jetways before the simulator completed loading their objects, which caused Simconnect errors, which in turn caused the objects at the gate not being created, since GSX was confused by not knowing if the gate had a jetway or not.

Since there’s no documentation about when jetways are loaded in the sim (which distance or if it’s variable depending on the airport, it’s not clear) , we had to guess some reasonable range, which used to work until now, but apparently something must have changed, especially when Simconnect returned an error situation ( which is in fact a documented change in SU13 ), so we just have to adapt the strategy to request data about jetways by taking into account this.

The fix shouldn’t take long, and in the meantime, Restarting the Couatl engine soon after landing will always fix this.


Thanks for your explanation, Umberto. I will try the ‘no fireworks fix’. If this doesn’t help, I will restart after landing and wait for your couatl fix on that.

I am sure you are aware but this happens regardless if the stand is a jetway or stair stand. I am thinking you meant the same but wanted to confirm. Also, I had been on beta for SU13, didn’t have this issue until 2.7.7. Just letting you know (even though I am confident you do) :slight_smile:

Of course, the call to jetways is made regardless if the parking has jetways or not ( in fact it’s the reason to make the call: knowing which parking spots have jetways ), and that would cause that problem due to how we handled error returns, which are different in SU13

Because we didn’t use the revised SU13 API before. Now, the GSX code is even more streamlined, because we could remove some extra checks to prevent bugs in the previous version of the API, like the problem with the call failing completely if even single jetway was missing.

Version 2.7.8 – October 3rd, 2023

  • GSX Pro FIX: Message reporting Jetway not close enough, resulting in invisible passengers.

  • GSX Pro FIX: Change to better handle the SU13 Jetway Navdata changes and error handling, which would cause missing vehicles after landing.

  • GSX (all versions) NEW: Added the following Handling operators: Surair, Transport Limited (Suriname).

  • FSDT Installer: Better error handling to prevent crashes due to bad downloads.


Yepp, it’s working. GSX is doing its job again (without deleting the fireworks). :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it me or everyone else is experiencing that the catering company doesn’t match the rest of the operator after the recent update and it’s what the parking spot is! For example, I select an airline (Iran Air), the stairs and luggage, pushback, etc. are correct but the catering is a different operator (Saman)?! Or is this associated with the Fenix GSX program?

Can ambient sounds for boarding be delayed until the first passenger boards the plane? It feels strange when I hear stewardess greeting passengers when they just started exiting the terminal building.


Hi Umberto

GSX Pro NEW: Extra Simbrief integration with PMDG 737, which will automatically set the Passenger Number and Payload if a Simbrief plan is active in GSX.

Could you pls elaborate a bit more? When exactly (and how) does GSX set the pax&payload in the PMDG 737? Cause I couldn’t see any difference with a first test ride.

I don’t like this new feature ( PMDG simbrief pax & payload automatic) it is not accurate and it should be optional cause I prefer do it by myself.

I am considering the purchase of GSX Pro for MSFS. I would value some group opinions on the program: Does it really work? Is there an FPS hit? CTD’s? I know that there are many user contributed GSX files available for download. Are they usually dependable? Not trying to be a nit-picker, but I don’t want to waste $30 on a bummer of a program. Many thanks for your opinions and advice!

Check this thread, the topic has been covered before, including recently starting from here…

My opinion of GSX is the same as that of MSFS. I like the bits that work, and hate the bits that don’t.


That’s a really good comparison. Like MSFS, GSX is awesome when it just all works correctly. And sooo frustrating when it randomly has issues, which like MSFS is way too often.

I bought GSX Pro just after SU13, so just a matter of days, and I’m pretty impressed so far.

I mainly got it because I wanted a decent auto pushback addon, having suffered from a certain buggy one that puts an icon in your toolbar and which shall remain nameless.

All the stutters-on-short-final have disappeared so that’s good. The only downside is that my sim loading time has gone from 3 minutes to about 8.

More trouble-shooting lies ahead…