FSdreamteam KEYW questions

Hello everyone,

Hope all is well and was just wondering if anyone else bought fsdreamteam KEYW. I just bought it but the buildings are missing and I’m trying to figure out if there’s something else I’m missing. Like in p3d you had to activate it within the sim? Thanks again!
Luke S.

Contact FSDT. They should be able to tell you.

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Thank you I’m awaiting acceptance into the forum

I peaked at their forum, and anyone can read without registering. There’s already a thread on missing buildings. I haven’t read through it since I don’t have the package - but here’s the link:


Hmmmm interesting! Thanks for the help! Looking over their forums I may have to wait for a fix of some kind

There’s nothing we can fix on our site. The missing buildings are caused by another scenery in conflict, in most cases it was a freeware that some users removed, and fixed the problem.

The scenery obviously come with proper Exclusion areas ( otherwise it couldn’t exclude the default KEYW ) and with FSX or P3D, we would simply told users to be sure the scenery is “on the top” of the Scenery Library, because Exclusion areas are supposed to exclude sceneries below your own.

However, since MSFS doesn’t allow to rearrange areas like the Scenery Library in FSX, there’s not much user can do, other than check what they are installing.

We don’t know if a “Scenery Library” page, with the ability to rearrange areas will eventually be added in an upgrade, but might might be very useful, so I suggest everybody with these issues to fill a bug/suggestion on Zendesk, perhaps it will be considered as a possible addition because, the more sceneries come out, the more it might be required.


I’m guessing this is probably why the screenshots they’re using in the marketplace are of just the control tower and a hangar - the only aerial view is pitch black middle of the night.

If you’re listening FSDreamteam, you need to fire your marketing department; well, add those missing buildings first.

I don’t know what you are trying to say here, the screenshots in the marketplace shows many different buildings and the only two night shots are very well lit and show lights where they are in real life and there are no “missing buildings”.

Here’s a review of the scenery, which speaks very well about night lighting in particular.


There were three users who had conflicts with other freeware products and you take this as an excuse to say that we put night screens to cover the lack of buildings? Careful, this is called defamation. Fortunately, everyone can make their own opinion by looking at the many reviews on Yotube.

this is a hangar and just the tower?

Two more islands modeled in 3D

Wonderful work, Umberto.

I was one that mentioned that it would have been nice to have Ft. Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas and you guys went and added it as an update. Truly appreciate it!

P.S. (FlyAndFight at Avsim)