FSDT KORD aerial quality vs PG

Does anyone have any idea when FS Dreamteam will improve their aerial imagery for KORD so that it is at least on par with that provided with the default photogrammetry? I had uninstalled it a while back when I discovered how bad it looked compared to default free PG and I reinstalled it just a week or so ago when I saw that it had been updated but whatever the update was, it wasn’t for the aerials.

Am I the only one bothered by this? Texture quality used to be high on everyone’s list but now it seems to be secondary. I understand that it may be difficult for a developer due to the fact that they can’t know whether or not I choose to use PG (which often has better aerials) but still, there should be some way of them at least trying to make sure their aerials are at least on par with the best available default.