FSEconomy and MSFS Steam's edition

Is it compatible FSeconomy on MSFS’s steam edition? If yes, how can I do it?

Have not yet test it, but I belive you must use FSX Sim Connect. And it should work. Again, I have not yet tested it.

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Check FSEconomy forums. There is a thread with MSFS client download link and installation instructions.

I wouldn’t rush though. There is a general problem with external applications that use Sim Connect to integrate with the sim. Because of a sim side bug, they cause extreme stuttering and FPS drop. You’ll need to wait for that fix, before you can truly enjoy it.

Hi, all you need to do is just download FSUIPC7 beta and run it. It’s not an exe that does not need installing or having simconnect.dll in its folder like it used to. Then do to FSE, download the FSUIPC client. Same, no installation, just an exe.

Launch MSFS, launch FSUIPC7, launch FSE FSUIPC Client and you’re good to go.

Warning, though, for now its laggy as hell. I’m going from 40-50fps to 10-20 when I try to use FSE (because it uses simconnect which is bugged for now, was aknowledged by Asobo and will be fixed). But I got a flight in and I havent flow since around 2017 so I’m glad to be home :slight_smile:

Here’s the forum post https://www.fseconomy.net/forum/msfs/104618-how-to-run-fse-with-msfs
but yea i’d wait atm everything is a bit laggy with simconnect and that.

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