FSIMSTUDIOS CYVR Performance Issue

I own both FSimstudios and Fsdreamteam CYVR, while using Fsdreamteam CYVR I can maintain 35 fps on High/Ultra settings. With FSimstudios CYVR I am stuck between 10-20 fps at Medium/High settings.

Anyone else having performance issues with this product?

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It’s hard for me to compare them apples to apples since Sim Update 3 came just before I got FSS CYVR and SU3 seems to cause me some lower fps in some circumstances? The first time I flew FSS CYVR the fps was low, down into the mid teens rather than the 25 or more typical of flying FSDT CYVR flights, I didn’t really test FSDT CYVR with SU3 or FSS CYVR before SU3. Last night I did a fresh reboot and directly fired up MSFS and flew the BLL XCub with floats (latest v1.5) out of FSS CYVR, and got mid 20s right over the airport 30fps with more altitude or distance. I have an older CPU (I7-4820k) that can be a bottleneck, down low over heavy urban areas typically can lower my fps into the teens, sometimes as low as 10-12fps.

FSS FSDT is much heavier than FSDT CYVR, there’s no doubt there. The package is almost 6GB! FSDT CYVR is well under 1GB IIRC. But that shows, the detail of the FSS version is much higher! The LOD was always agressive with FSDT, the end half of jetways and other details would disappear unless I was right up on them. FSS version doesn’t have big noticable things disappearing in visually noticable ways.

If your system is on the edge, spec wise, the FSDT version may have fps advantages. But if your system can handle it, and it seems with a fresh reboot my 8+ year old CPU can, FSS CYVR is gorgeous and richly detailed in comparison. I often have needed a reboot to get ideal fps with MSFS, that’s always been the case for me. I do have a top shelf GPU, RTX-3080, so I am often CPU limited. But I also fly 4K, mostly ultra, so I do toggle between GPU and CPU limited at different times. CPU limited over dense urban scenery or a large, detailed airport, mostly GPU limited over rural or all natural areas.

Test under varying circumstances and settings and get back to us! I’m curious. What’s your rig’s specs?

My specs are:

RTX-2080 Super GPU
i7-10700 CPU
32 GB Ram

I’ve tested both airports after SU3 and the difference is very significant. I’ve lowered graphics settings to my absolute minimum acceptable level and I’m barely scratching 20 fps…

What screen resolution? MSFS is installed on an SSD I assume/hope? Your CPU should be faster than mine by a decent margin I’d guess. Looking that the dev mode FPS display does it show CPU or CPU bottlenecks? Have you cleared your rolling cash since SU3 and the FSS CYVR install? What fps do you get over downtown? Is that any different than before SU3?

I mean, I’m not WAY ahead of you in FPS, I’m in the 22-26 fps range down close to the airport, but smooth enough. I was maybe a few fps faster with the FSDT CYVR? If I fly away from the airport I get 30-35. Over Vancouver downtown I can fall under 20fps down low, depending on where. Out in the boonies with little to no man made objects in the scenery I get 35-45 fps. 4k, most things on Ultra with some things turned down a bit, like shadow resolution. A few things turned off like light blooming.

This video helped me a lot. Certainly make sure you have the latest Nvidia drivers, make sure you are on the Game Ready drivers, not the Studio drivers, and try the settings Jay 2 Cents mentions in the video for system settings. Game Mode on, Background Recording off in the Capture settings, the settings he shows in Manage 3D settings in the Nvidia control panel, etc. Definitely try running MSFS after a clean reboot and see if that helps.

But as I say, I need a fresh reboot and little to nothing else running on the machine to get my best fps. If the machine has been up for days, if I have Chrome up with a mess of tabs, or any heavy app like Photoshop/Blender running in the background, my fps becomes unplayable. I probably need a fresh install of Windows 10. And as soon as I can afford it I’ll be getting a new motherboard, CPU, RAM and NVMe SSD. Probably X570 and a AMD 5900x. This old I7-4820k has served admirably, but it’s getting old and the X79 mobo has no M.2/NVMe slots.

I expect there to be some hit in performance going from FSDT to FSS CYVR, there’s tons more geometry and texture data in the FSS version compared to the FSDT version, but it’s not a huge hit for me, a few fps. And LOD isn’t constantly chopping out important visual cues on the airport, like the end half of the jetways that are almost never visible to me in the FSDT version until I’m right up near them. Very distracting when they are missing and when try pop on and off flying over the airport. But it seems you may be hitting some bottle neck I’m not due to the significantly increased density and detail with the FSS CYVR.

Maybe contact FSimStudios?

Hi there

I do not have the Fsdreamteam package but I did install the FSimstudios package yesterday. And I want to reiterate some of the things that @Dylanear said: the level of detail for me is extraordinary and that does come at a price.

I have an AMD 7 3700X, RTX 2060, 32GB 3200 mem, system running 2 x M.2 NVMe drives (system on one, MSFS on a separate one). I run MSFS on a 32" 4K monitor on High end settings. I know that is stretching it but typically flying at say 1,500 feet over Vancouver I would get around 24fps and I am quite content with that. Flying over less intense areas at say 5,000 feet I typically get 29fps.

Installed FSimstudio CYVR yesterday and I have only flown it once, but as both you and Dynlanear found it really stresses my system. Taxiing around, using the drone and taking off/landing I get between 8 and 14fps. As soon as I leave the footprint of the package and get back into the regular MSFS Vancouver scenery I get back to 23 - 24.

I accept that this is a consequence of the incredible scenery. Note that I flew the drone into the terminal and among other shops I found a Timmies inside! Now THAT’s detail!!! Next time I will go in and buy a coffee and a doughnut and get back in the plane to enjoy the scenery! :doughnut: :coffee: :grinning:

I will fly out of YVR again this afternoon after a clean start and see if caching has helped any.

But I have to say: I am VERY impressed!!

The 3080 has 10GB VRAM, the 2080, 2060 have 8GB? Maybe that explains the worse performance you two are seeing? It’s certainly heavy/detailed scenery, but mostly it stays around 24fps give or take 2 fps. So very useable. I still get better FPS over FSS CYVR than over downtown Vancouver.

I am running the Bijan trees and seasons pack. But I don’t think that’ll make anything any faster. Really is odd how the fps differs. It was really slow the first time I ran it, but as I say, a reboot and loading MSFS while the system is still fresh and not running anything in the BG did help. I do have an ample page file, not that I should need one at 32GB I am not running out of memory.

And yeah, I’ll have to get in drone mode and check out more of the airport up close! I haven’t looked inside other than through larger windows and atriums.

I have figured out a solution for myself, after deleting my ursercfg.opt file and letting the sim create a new one I am able to enjoy 30 fps on high settings, and I am absolutely happy with that. I want to thank @Dylanear for his support but especially the FSimstudios support staff who very quickly replied to my service ticket. Excellent Customer service!!

I can now stop to really take in their creation of CYVR and holy smokes is it ever breathtaking… I cannot wait for their other upcoming Canadian airports, and fingers crossed CYEG will make an appearance also!! (My hometown).

Excellent you got a solution! I’ve never even heard of ursercfg.opt? What does it do and where’d you get that idea to try it? From FSimStudio?

If I can get a 15fps bump I’ll try deleting mine! LoL!

Yep, I’ll be buying Kelowna CYLW after this. I was thinking I would since I live in BC and it’s a fantastic spot of the planet to fly in. But after seeing the CYVR quality, it’s a no brainer. After next paycheck! I have to pace myself and be disciplined! Otherwise I’d just buy every other add on for MSFS all the time! I’m only allowing myself an add on or two month! I have to choose wisely!

Good luck on getting Edmonton YEG! I’m really hoping FSS will make a product improving the general Vancouver city area, especially the waterfronts, bridges, and the port.

It is just a file containing all the different preferences and graphics settings in the sim that a lot of simmers use to, for example, increase terrain or object LOD beyond its limit in the in-game settings menu. I personally use it to disable the sharpen and filmgrain filter that MSFS automatically adds in since it was exaggerating how grainy and pixelated my clouds already were. I have the steam version of the game so the file is located just inside the main MSFS folder, but I know for the MS store version it is located somewhere else.

BUT since you don’t know where it is I’m assuming you have not gone into it and made any alterations so I’m sure you would not get any benefit whatsoever from deleting it. I have been tampering with it quite a bit over the past few weeks and I think it just needed to be restored.

Oh yeah I would be so happy if FSS made a greater Vancouver package, I know they addressed this in Facebook and said that they thought the Vancouver photogrammetry was good enough but for me, even with terrain LOD on 200 the photogrammetry is just a big spiky blob from the distance of CYVR. I think they would be surprised by how successful that product would be, such a beautiful city to fly around!

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I think the reason for the difference is likely twofold: the sheer “horsepower” of the 3080 compared to my 2060 for instance plus the 8GB vs 10GB.

Just flew from YVR again after restart and with no other programmes open. Typically on the ground and with drone around the airport I get 12 - 15fps. Flying over the airport 15 - 19. As soon as I move away from the airport goes back to what is normal for me at 22 - 25fps over Vancouver. Interestingly if I am flying in the vicinity of the airport without the airport in view the fps is 22 - 25 but if for instance I look out the side window with the airport visible in that view the framerate takes a hit.

Given my hardware and settings I do not think this is really unrealistic or unreasonable. The level of detail is incredible. Hoping to get hold of an RTX 3080 some day (waiting on EVGA Step-up). Until then I will probably only load the package on “special occasions”…

Indeed: I did a bit more “exploring” and the amount of detail inside the buildings is incredible. Still waiting to see a Skytrain though… :grinning:

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Well, try that deleting the usercfg.opt thing that worked for Jones? Sure a 2060 ain’t as good as a 2080, but I’d expect it would give you way better than 12-15fps unless you are at 4k. My 2080 did pretty good at regular HD, I only upgraded to the 3080 because I am a 4k addict! I see no good reason your performance should be that bad with a pretty darn nicely specced machine?? But also, turn on the dev mode fps display and looks and see if it’s GPU or CPU/“Mainthread” limited? But both a 3700X and 2060 should run pretty nice! Maybe the 2060 is a good bit slower than I recall my 2080?? Oh, wait? I had a 2070, not 2060?? I just don’t think your hardware should be giving you 12-15fps? 4K could be a problem, or just some settings up to high maybe could bog down a 2060 pretty good? But even at mostly High quality settings and standard HD (1920x1080) you should be getting 20+ easy??

Maybe I lucked out on my 3080. Just put myself on the waiting list at Memory Express here in Vancouver for a EVGA 3080 FTW3 and not even right at release. I waited a few weeks, figured I’d blown it by waiting, was like 28th on their list. But maybe 2 or 3 weeks later, got a call to come pick up the fancy new card! Got decent money for my 2070 on Craigslist too!

Never had gotten a video card from EVGA directly, but if you are Step-Up eligible, I guess it makes some sense. I keep my cards years, typically only buy every other product cycle. But the step from the 2070 to 3080 was too hard to ignore for someone like me wanting to run everything at 4k. But the 2070 was still old enough that Step Up wasn’t an option for me.

I am using pretty much plain vanilla High End settings so, as Jones postulated, I do not think I stand to gain much there. I think you might have missed it, but I do run at 4K. And like you, I am hooked on 4K, to such an extent that I am prepared to live with the low frame rates because on my 32" 4K monitor, MSFS just looks so GOOD! I live just a couple km south of YVR by the west dyke in Richmond and I have flown through YVR literally more than 100 times, maybe 200 times, so I have a special affection for the place.

I did look at Dev mode and, because of 4K, I am indeed GPU limited.

I am just having to be patient with the EVGA Step-up programme as, due to the shortage of RTX 3xxx cards, they are VERY slow in fulfilling Step-ups. Maybe June? :frowning_face: Oh well, all good things come to those who wait they say…


Yeah, I just can’t go back from 4k. Lived with less than ideal fps with the 2070, but the 3080 just looked like my dream card and it really does do the trick! I am not almost always CPU limited. That said, a faster CPU and I’ll go to GPU limited again and that’s probably not way higher fps than I get now. Max FPS anyways, it’s really the minimum I need to improve Manhattan and other super dense but large, high quality cities bring my poor CPU to it’s knees. I can see 8-10 fps at times. I just want to stay over 30 all the time! I was on the list for a AMD 5900x and it came in last week! I’m just too broke! I have to let it go! Spent a large portion of last year out of work, Stupid covid, so inconvenient, this here pandemic! Can not wait to get my shot!!!

So, I mentioned this in my thread about FSS CYVR. But I am getting perfect performance flying out of CYVR, no slower than anywhere else around Vancouver and faster fps than over downtown now!!! I deleted my rolling cache file and made a fresh one and removed the vancouver area from my Manual cache, which I never actually cached I don’t think.

Anyways, refresh your rolling and manual caches and see if that helps. It’s silky smooth for me now. 30+ fps. 4K ultra settings on my 3080 and nearly 10 year old CPU.

Ah ■■■■ I’m having performance issues around the airport again not sure what’s going on this time, and when I try to lower settings in game it only seems to make the issue worse when the issue is present. It’s weird though because it’s extremely inconsistent… sometimes the flight will start and I will be at 12-15 FPS but if I wait 30-45 seconds it will jump to 30-35 FPS. Then it might go back down to 12-15 by the time I have taxi’d to the runway. Also when coming in to land I get a pretty consistent drop when on short final. And I am always GPU limited in these scenarios, using a 2080 super.

Have you tried deleting and recreating your rolling cache or tried it since the recent patch?

So, you have not found any solution to the poor FPS Uptown? What have you tried? Moving other add ons out of the Community folder, trying without any add ons in the folder and with the default airport? Does lowering any or all of your graphics settings help? Low quality, lower resolutions? Did you get a slowdown with FSDT CYVR if you bought that, etc. etc. Is CVYR the only place or add on you see this poor performance?

I had reduced performance when I first installed it. But after deleting/remaking my caches and maybe the sim update back in March, I was getting great performance comparable to any mid size airport in a suburban area in the sim. 24+ almost all the time. Maybe some drops in the lower 20s at times on the ground or flying right over the airport. But mostly once I’m in the air I’m 30+ fps over and around FSS CYVR. I do have a beast of a video card, I’m almost always CPU limited given my nearing 10 year old motherboard and 8 year old CPU. Intel X79 mobo, i7-4820k OCed to 4.5, RTX-3080. 4K and a mix of high and ultra settings, a few things disabled, like lens flares and light beams.

Make sure you have the latest nvidia drivers, make sure they are Game Ready, not Studio drivers (I’ve gotten very slow fps when I’ve forgotten I had the Studio drivers enabled). Check the Manage 3D Settings page in the nvidia control panel and set Power Management Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance. Set Texture Filtering Quality to High Performance. Maybe some other useful settings in there, but those two I recall off the top of my head.

The sim is running great for me and places and add ons that made my fps crawl and stutter are much rarer. I deleted and remade my rolling cache and deleted all my manually cached data around the same time as that sim update so who knows which or if both helped my fps, there may have been driver updates around then too. I’ll I know is suddenly my fps got faster and steadier and places I had to keep my altitude or distance from suddenly got flyable. Manhattan used to grind me too a halt and now it’s fine, if on the low fps side. But enjoyable. FSS CYVR was ok, but noticeably slower than FSDT CYVR >UNTIL< what ever changed that improved fps generally. Since then FSS CYVR is no problem, sooth and decent to pretty good frame rates, a few stumbles here and there like most urban areas in MSFS can give you. At least after a fresh reboot and not much else running. My old CPU or something seems to really lower MSFS fps if I leave the machine on for days, sleeping but not rebooting, or especially if I have a bazillion browser pages and perhaps some apps open, then MSFS stumbles and crawls. I always try a fresh reboot before flying. Which really does make me fly at the spur of the moment a lot less than if I could avoid reboots. Really I need to upgrade to a new PC and keep this PC for random stuff and leaving running as long as I want. My next PC build will be for 3D and high performance apps only. I must have 100+ apps and games on this current machine and my Windows install is perhaps 4 years old? I need a fresh start!

Good luck!! I’d be really frustrated if my favorite airport was giving me low teens despite my best efforts and due diligence.

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