FsimStudios CYVR Vancouver and FsimStudios CYLW Kelowna taxiway signs stacked after SU5

Hey Everyone. Have a weird one here. I have CYVR through Orbx and CYLW through the MSFS Marketplace. After SU5 I get Taxiways in the wrong areas and duplicated in Kelowna along the entire perimeter of the airport. If I remove community folder for FsimStudios CYVR the issue goes away. One thing to note is CYVR is functioning normally. The possible incompatability after SU5 only appears to affect CYLW. I removed all other addons from the community folder to isolate the issue. Where can I report this?

Update: Fsimstudios has reach out with the following important information on this issue:

"This issue has been fixed on the latest update. SU5 changed the way textures are loaded onto the sim - any texture with the same name will be loaded only once. In this case, there are textures with the same name in both Vancouver and Kelowna, resulting in textures from Vancouver showing up in Kelowna and vice-versa. We have made all texture names unique in the most recent update for both Kelowna and Vancouver.

The update is available for all FSimStudios.com, ORBX and SimMarket customers. However, unfortunately, due to the large volume of updates being released through the Marketplace, and the inefficient process of verification Microsoft has put in place, the update might take up to a month to arrive to Microsoft Marketplace customers. We have already submitted the files and we are on the queue for release, but it has to go through Microsoft’s approval process first. "

This is something that will have to be worked out in the MSFS marketplace so that we can get updates in a timely manner after a large update like SU5. Hope this helps others.

Hi, do you have a link for this? It’s been a month and I still haven’t seen an update for CYVR in the MSFS marketplace. I tried to find FSimStudio’s statement on this, I even copied and pasted the text in Google, but I could not find this statement by FSimStudio. I also checked their Facebook page but I could not find this statement on their Facebook page either. If you have a link to this, that would be appreciated. IThanks.

Howdy, I reached out to fsimstudios for support directly. This was the reply i was provided by them. It should also be noted they provided an excellent support turn around time! Had this statement the following day!

Like you I also await Asobo to implement the fix fsimstudios had submitted to them. Its been some time and all I can say is that i won’t purchase any additional content from the marketplace until Asobo can show updates will be implemented in a timely manner to content on their store. If i had ordered this from orbx or fsimstudios directly this would have been fixed the next day after su5!