FSLTL traffic is works but ATC communication is dead

I just installed & only have fsltl traffic.

Then in msfs traffic setting section:

  • i sett aircraft traffic type to “off”, because i’m using the fsltl real time injector.
  • i sett ground aircraft density to “0” zero to make my aircraft traffic are all from fsltl traffic addon only.

Because i sett ground aircraft density to “0” zero, my msfs ATC communication is dead, the ATC only communicating with me.

My question:

  • msfs ATC can’t recognize fsltl traffic (?), if yes
  • then what the alternative solution beside sett the ground aircraft density to more than “0” zero (?)


  • msfs ai traffic aircraft can’t load fsltl traffic models even when i sett the use generic aircraft for AI traffic to “off”, it still uses generic livery =_=

I’m not sure what is happening with your ATC, but it is not because ATC doesn’t recognize FSLTL traffic.
I use FSLTL traffic and have traffic type set to “off” and ground aircraft density set to “0” as well, and ATC does communicate with the FSLTL traffic.

ATC is always a bit buggy with communication, but if this is constant, I would recommend you try this with all other addons removed to see if a mod conflict is preventing this.

Hi thank you for replying.

I just retry it again in short time, i heard atc communicating with fsltl traffic now (3 sentences)

Before i’m using fsltl, i usually use msfs real time traffic with ground aircraft density 50.

Seems traffic real time from fsltl is really different than msfs real time traffic in term of busyness.

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Hi. I have ATC working with FSLTL and MS2020 but all ATC voices are female as well as cockpit voices. Is that right?. If not, how do I change it please? Thank you