FSPackageTool - Used Extension Not Supported

Having some issues with the FSPackageTool as it’s spitting an error:

“used extension not supported: KHR_materials_clearcoat
glTFLister | Failed to load model
ModelLibLister | Failed to spawn the gltfLister for input file
PackageBuilder | Failed to spawn lister for asset group KMKE_modelib”

I have no idea how to solve or workaround this issue.

In blender, all of materials are MSFS Standard.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Are you using the Asobo Exporter?
Can you share your export options ?

Following are mine


The glTf file only could be useful to narrow down where the issue is, maybe a unused clearcoat material somewhere…

I fixed it.

Clearcoat was accidentally enabled in one of the materials. I disabled it, and now I am good to go!

Thanks for the help!