FSReborn Sting S4

Am I supposed to be able to click the little blue pulsing dots on the tablet Maintenance page?

I’ve got a damaged strobe bulb (only just bought and installed the plane today so I think the salesman should change this for me, not given me a 500 hour old bulb! :slight_smile: ) but I can’t click anything. Same for low tyre pressure. Can’t see how to change that.

On the FAQ page I also cannot open any of the answers - assuming the arrow icon on the right of each row should do it. Looks like my mouse isn’t playing ball with this?

EDIT: stopped that flight and loaded another and clicks do work now. With mouse and controller.

Strangely, the 500 hour old bulb and tyre PSI are OK now but in the previous flight I had snapped my prop and damaged my engine due to trying to use controller to press the tablet buttons (failing) and inadvertently raising the throttle, plane rolled forwards into a hangar wall lol. Suppose I can chalk that one up to learning and a bug - and give myself a new engine :slight_smile:

You hit the nail on the head! I was setting failures in the wrong menu and it was spawning me with a broken engine. Thanks.

Hi There,

This sounds like the WASM compilation on your side got stuck… and when you reloaded the flight everything was working.

I have seen this effect on very few users, but most of them was due to 3rd party add-ons that causes the MSFS coherent engine to stop processing Java code (the tablet) and when they clean their content folder everything works as expected.

Obviously not your case, but worth mentioning in case others see these symptoms so they know what to do to troubleshoot.

I am glad you are up and running, enjoy!


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Had a few more short flights this evening and I like a lot about this plane!

  • I really like that it’s light enough to be affected by even quite gentle winds, so it feels alive. I have the FSRealistic (Pro now) and the additional creaking and wind effects add to this.

  • I like the feel of how the roll rate reduces at higher speeds but at mid to lower cruise speeds you can get it to turn a lot tighter. Nowhere near acrobatics, but “just right” for casual flying.

  • Good visibility. Wings are slightly back and quite short.

  • Nice sleek shape and well modelled in and out. Love the little upward flicks on the wing tips.

  • All the extra maintenance and wear features on the EFB are the icing on the cake.

  • Interesting to land, especially if you’re trying to take care of your brakes, tyres etc!

  • 2 stages of flaps very effective to bring speed down initially, but got to be careful on approach. Can easily be too fast or too slow but it’s quite forgiving and responsive.

  • Easy, fast and accurate to trim. No elastic banding / over-correcting.

  • Accurate ground handling / steering. I often find even top-tier aircraft can disappoint in this area by veering around way too much at taxiing speeds. Maybe that’s what they’re really like (I’m not a RL pilot so don’t know) but they often feel way too snakey considering even a small GA is still a pretty heavy machine.

  • Easy to learn and well laid out cockpit controls.

  • Great value for this quality.

Only things I wish for would be a bit more potential cruise speed. It’s pretty slow. And maybe a bit beefier engine sounds. Perhaps both of those wishes could be combined by having a Sports Pack option (more powerful engine)! I’m sure the Carbon Fibre could handle it :slight_smile:

FSReborn definitely have entered the scene here with a bang and an amazingly well made first product. I’ll have a keen eye for any of their future solo releases as they clearly know what they’re doing with this stuff!


Hi. Wonder if you can help me?
Having flown a bit more I noticed that from in the cockpit there was no noticeable change of engine sound when I increase or decrease throttle or Prop pitch. It’s just a constant dull “droning” sound always the same tone/pitch - which actually doesn’t even really sound anything like it does from outside.

From exterior view you can hear the tone of the engines Audio change nicely as RPM changes.

Here is the strange thing though: today I had to enable Dev mode to get around a problem and that made the engine cut out (in the air, yep!) BUT the engine sound (if it even IS the engine…) in the cockpit continued with exactly the same constant sound. Starting to think there is a bug or problem here. Should I be able to hear a nice engine inside that varies with the throttle / prop lever positions etc? And why does the same droning sound carry on when the propeller has stopped?

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Do you perhaps have the Staggerwing or one of the other Carenado ‘famous flyers’ installed?
If yes; did there happen to be another player in your vicinity flying that plane?

There’s currently a really annoying multiplayer sound bug with those planes, where the sound of that other plane originates in your cockpit as well, drowning out your own engine noise. Seems to be an issue with many Carenado developed planes.

for reference; Beechcraft 17 Staggerwing - sound issues in multiplayer - other aircraft replaced my sound - Bug Reports / Aircraft & Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hi all,

Just had my first flight in the S4, fun little airplane, feels very light compared to the 310, but that’s only logical. I did have one issue and one question.

When trying to do the runup before takeoff, my brakes would not hold the aircraft still, and with no parking brake it was a struggle to do the check. I taxied around until I found an uphill slope and did the runup there. Am I missing something?

Also, I could not figure out how to change the source for navigation from GPS to LOC or NAV. How is that accomplished?

Otherwise, had a lot of fun and look forward to flyiing it some more.

please contact me via support@fsreborn.com it is too hard to keep track of things from multiple forums, etc.

Having said that, I suspect you were at high speed, which means the RPMs of the propeller remains high causing the engine to continue at high pitch, etc. imagine a manual car, you go down hill on gear revs remain high and despite of you not pushing the accelerator the engine still sounds high rev… this is because it is still on high revolutions.

Aircraft propeller pitch only changes the angle of the blades to allow less or more air to pass thru… which helps to change the RPMs of the engine, etc. however when you go very fast for example 130kts + the propeller will spin faster because you are going well very fast, and despite of reducing or increasing the propeller pitch, the RPMs will reach a point where they continue to spin very fast because the speed… causing the engine gear to spin, and in hence the sound.

This is why some airplanes perform feathering for engines… where the angle of the blades becomes zero… etc. however the S4 is a 10 degree variable propeller pitch blade… so they will always remain above zero regardings the setting you use on the governor (auto prop) or manual prop lever intervention.

Rotax is a relative small engine with a high compression gear ratio… so it will be loud at high revs…


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Okay, thank you. There are so many avenues for information, I can understand not being able to monitor all of them, and that would make a lot of sense for the RPMs. I’ll try to keep that in mind in the future. I’ll email you about the navigation source question, thanks!

Is there an update coming today?

I recall there being a noticeable shift in the engine sound when dropping below circa 4800-4900RPM.

I don’t recall having issues with the brakes holding at 4000 RPM on normal taxiway. But if you do have issues, you could go enable the chocks from the pad for the runup.

Either click on the HSI on the G3X or if you are using (PMS) GTN there is place you can click on the map screen. Note that the real Sting does not actually have navigation radios and is certified for VFR only (probably day VFR only at that).

Interesting. That does help explain why there is so limited ability to adjust RPM downwards. I believe the difference in piston single props is usually more like 15-20 degrees between fine and coarse pitch.

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The RPM lever sound is way too sensitive for me, post update. I only have to breathe on it and it starts clicking. Literally the slightest touch on my TCA Quadrant and click, click, click.

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I just had someone on Discord with this feedback. Can you see if your quadrant is sending signals too often?

Any one else experiencing this?


Yes, I am also seeing this.

I’m on the Logitech Throttle Quadrant and the RPM lever-sound has become very sensitive since the update and even sticks in some positions. Setting a deadzone that is way too large helps a bit but something must have changed since before.

Yes it is because I changed the sound in WIISe to detect auto prop pitch, etc. since users asked to mute the prop lever click when it was on Auto.

Now the sound is too sensitive to axis jitters.

I will investigate what I can do, most likely we will end up removing this click sound entirely, most people don’t like it.



Hi All,

Confirmed some hardware are sending propeller changes in jitters and this causes the sound to keep occurring.

I am thinking solutions, we have 2 options please come to my discord server where a Vote is being made of what you guys prefer for me to implement.

Link: FSReborn

Check the general channel, there you will find the vote, I want to implement tonight and push to Market Place today so you guys have the fix fast on the next available update slot, which I believe is next Tuesday.

Thanks for the understanding, I apologise to the people affected by this, please ensure I want you all to enjoy the product.



In the default sim it is probably a touch too loud because the default sim is quite sterile and does not have many other background noises, so it stands out.

With FSRealistic installed it is fine it fades into the other background noises, but most people do not have FSRealistic.

Not a Discord user (or an FSRealistic user) but I would prefer the sound to be removed.

We will work on a solution that will allow people to choose the sound on or off. I hope this will make everyone happy, thanks for your feedback.



Just purchased and came here for the same reason! I have a Logitech quadrant and it is jittery. It took me a minute to figure out what all the clicking was.

Only other suggestion I have is the mouse looks little wonky in VR. It hovers a bit high over the instrument panel and looks off when at the bottom of the G3X, like it’s inside the panel.

I flew this over my home town and I saw things I’ve never seen before going low and slow with all that visibility! It’s very relaxing to fly.