FStarter is now in Version v2.3


Sorry but I don’t really understand the purpose of this tool. Can’t you do practically all of that with the UI Map as well now that it has satellite pics in it? Also I have a second adfon VFR map in my tool bar where I can jump anywhere if I like.
Maybe I don’t understand the problem the World UI map seems to have

In MSFS’s World MAP you have these options:

With these options, you can only start your flight from the ground at an airport runway. The flight will also start with a fixed heading and altitude.

With FStarter you can start anywhere from the ground or above the ground, at any altitude, direction, and speed.

In addition, you set your own POIs, start from a defined POIs or over a list of all 3D cities or non-3D cities and a specific Airport traffic pattern entry to train and improve approaches and landings.

All without a need to restart via the World Map

understood. Thanks for clarifying

FStarter is now in version 2.2 with an updated airport database and 3D cities in line with MSFS’s World Update 7.
FStarter lets you find all 3D cities and your own POis and make a flyover with a simple mouse click.

FStarter is now in version V2.3 with new Save Flight and Load Flight features.

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