FSX Import Showcase

This is Aeroplane Heaven’s B17F. Not sure the AccuSim one will convert well. I tried A2A’s P40 but not much worked on that.

Obviously not quality stuff but a bit of fun until A2A brings us the real deal :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice. I think the A2A Wings of Power version is going to convert very nicely. I’m not sure how to edit it though. I’m thinking it would make more sense to delete or change all of the features that won’t convert, and do the conversion as the last step. All the textures seem to make it, even transparent windows and props, and like I said the windows even slide and fog up/de-fog when opened. There’s one dll file in the panel directory that probably contains all of the button functions and stuff. When i know a little more I will try it.


I am very interested

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Ok, so I got both the FSX P-51 racer and FA18 working and showing, but when I select them in the hangar it crashes the sim. there are no BMP files in the textures and no alias int he .cfgs, any thoughts?

Anyone had any success exporting other than the FSX default aircrafts?

Yes, but only aircraft I’m working on that use FSX mdl format. They import okay, but certain animations do not work eg nose gear, and you cannot start the jet aircraft on the ground only slew or starting the flight in the air makes the engines work.

@ Chukakiss,
I am devloper since 2010 and have some aircrafts yet made for FSX or P3D on my homepage http://frenchvfr.free.fr.
Yesterday, I have began to build an executable of PlaneConverter and during the afternoon 8 aircrafts can fly under MSFS. I will relase them as soon as possible.


Look good.
Where are they going to be released?

here, i think:

Yes, I see them in the LH column, Current Projects.
Thank you

i cannot wait for tge amphibious aircraft! great work!

With the jet aircraft can’t start on the ground, what if you use an existing MSFS jet aircraft like the CJ4, copy the engines section of its cfg and paste it in the FSX jet aircraft cfg? I think there is something in the air file like the aerodynamic section that needs to copy and paste over as well. Just a thought.

great Lagaffe !!!

Im trying to convert a FSX F14 to FS2020,the plane loads correctly in FS2020

In the runway,the flaps don’t work,the engines don’t work and rudder also don’t work,what im doing wrong?
maybe someone can help me a little xD

Thank you guys =)

Tried that. If you create the engines.cfg you can have the engines running in the air if you start off the ground ie not at an airport. But if you start on a runway, you can’t start them. Something must be controlling that, but not found it yet.

If your plan has the engine.cfg file set up, and the dependancies set in the manifest.json you can have engines running in the air if you don’t start at an airport.

Use the engine.cfg from the CJ4

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Yep,got the f14 working great,
Also,do you know how i can make more power for the engines?

Thank you =)

might i ask where the gauges are stored for the plane

Yes just edit the engine.cfg - the details for thrust etc - look in the aircraft.cfg for some of those values

There is a lot that needs configuring because even if you get the power right, a lot of the values are hidden in the old air file.

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Video showing the process of installing and using the converter. Yes, I know, I didn’t do a voiceover, lol, but it is pretty easy to follow along…
FSX Model Converter Tool Demo

and here’s my imported Project Airbus A380 with the default 747 panel…