FSX liveries? I don't get it

Why are you forcing us to download and install old FSX liveries that nobody cares about and people always wanted to get rid of because they wanted real liveries? I don’t get it. Are you kidding me?


I’m guessing this has to do with Xbox release since Xbox users won’t be able to download liveries…at least not at launch.

If that is so, it should be an optional install for PC users. I hate having to lose HD space with ■■■■ that I will never use.


Agreed. I think we can delete it though from the content manager. But what a waste of bandwidth to even download them to begin with!

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Really? Gonna check that, thanks.

have you asked everybody to be so sure that nobody cares about them? Because I can absolutely guarantee that’s inaccurate.

I don’t use fictional liveries, but the amount of them on flightsim.to tells me that there is a ton of people who do.


Yeah, I asked everybody.


Sure you have. No, you haven’t. It’s fine if you don’t like them. I don’t particularly care about them either besides some vague nostalgia, but I suggest you speak for yourself instead of everybody.

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Not even nostalgia, I and all the people I know hated those liveries.


You don’t know that many people.

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Lol, fair enough.

I’ll keep them so I can see other players that use them

Y’all gotta find some bigger fish to fry.

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Kinda like their contrails? :rofl:

No one will use them after today, trust me.

Now I’m forced to just to prove you wrong. Thanks for that. :wink:


I’m fine with them. This was asked and talked a lot prior release.

I like them. Not interested in searching for real liveries for every aicraft especially ga. Only have 1 for the a320 (klm) and it’s nice to have some other liveries then the default ones.

Still a bit of a shame they weren’t creative enough to design some new ones though.

But i remember you asked me and i told you i liked then so you’re basically lying now😛 joke

I like them as well

They could have introduced some real life liveries instead of this fsx garbage. I mean I get that not every airline gave them a green light but surely not all rejected them. Devs have some very questionable priorities.