FSX Style Camera Key Mapping and Bindings

please add same camera views as fsx by pressing s and a and to look around by pressing spacebar and using the mouse to look around it would be much easier for laptop users and would make the sim much more better

yes, it would be nice

They should add an option for all default FSX binds, when I started playing this it took a while to find out how to operate the camera with the hat switch properly and change between views.

Have legacy camera settings to start [ FSX ] so we do not keep fumbling when using MSFS camera setting as it is time consuming when starting to use sim

so we can transition to MSFS camera setting slowly

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Okay, this drone camera bs is getting to a point where it’s harder to control the camera than it is to control the aircraft. Why did they have to change a perfectly working camera system?


I re-mapped by cockpit + external views to the 8 point hat switch on my yoke. Slowed down the cam speed to 20%.

Use up/down arrows to manually move up/down and use left/right arrows as cockpit quick views when held.

And have set num keys 0-9 for preset positions eg overhead panel/throttle quad.

Rarely use the drone camera now. Bit of a novelty I think.

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You can “double map” the POV buttons to perform the same functions in internal and external views. Drone with speed slowed down is nice for long vfr flights and video recordings.

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We need FSX key mapping. It’s been 14 years with the same keys, I’m used to the good old classic FSX key mappings I can’t handle this Space Shuttle level complexity right of the cuff. I just want to fly!

Would be cool if it just was an option when creating a profile.

Also! would be cool, if it was possible to use trigger action like in DCS. E.g. Using the POV was normal view, but holding in the trigger and then using POV was trim. Just a thought.


The old grumpy, in my days … Guy :smile:

Hope this cheat sheet will help you out a bit!

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No, FSX key mapping would be helpful. I mean, just look at how many key strokes there are for cameras. FSX had ‘S’, ‘A’, + or - and the hat switch. And the flaps for example, completely opposite of how FSX was - it’s so unnecessarily confusing.

Don’t think this is going to happen, but it sure would be nice. One of the reasons I kept going back to P3d, I know where everything was. Now that I’ve flown MSFS I can’t seem to go back.

Yeah, what is the deal with all the camera controls it’s impossible to deal with. I’m also having issues with not being able to set my breaks to the joystick trigger and a bunch of other commands that just plain don’t work. Shame.

Thanks for the cheat sheet, will be using it a lot! :slight_smile: