FSX2020 comes out when there are complicated scenarios

I contact you because in September 2020 I bought the dvd version of FlightSimulator 2020. Before I had the X version of Microsoft which never gave me a problem. The simulator crashes the more it finds complex scenarios such as cities and airports. Usually it exits towards the end of the upload after I have selected the starting point, it exits towards the end of the upload often without giving an error.

My computer setup is pretty standard:

AMD ryzen 3 2600
16GB of memory
SV NVIDIA geforce gtx 1060
NVME 512gb
Joytick Trustmaster M.16000 and xbox joypad

Drivers are all installed by Microsoft Windows 10.

The basic configuration is above the minimum requirements and all components are in common use.

None of the MSFS2020 settings were changed after installation, not even on the SK video drivers.

The only significant change to Windows 10 is a 2GB ram disk, which is also present in the old version of FSX.

What can I do? If you give me an email I can send you the configuration files.

Thanks Gabriele.

Hey :slight_smile:
There’s so many reasons for CTDs, so there are just hints to try them out but no definitive answer.
Since you can reproduce it every time, it makes it easier to find the issue, but you’ll have to do it yourself since there is no generally known issue for CTDs as you describe it.

Do you have any addons installed in your Community folder? If so, remove them to see if that helps.
Also get rid of the ramdisk - there is no need for it, you should have enough RAM with 16GB.

Make sure your pagefile is set up to be automatically managed or at least to 32GB and also make sure that you have that much space on the drive that the pagefile is configured to be on.

Check your power supply and temperatures on your components if they have enough power and are not overheating.

Try loading with Data set to Off in the settings and also try with very reduced graphics settings.

Havent tried that… sounds interesting.
My Radeon R7 M440 refuses to load at about 85% blue progress bar ( driver timeout or something…) . I must use internal Intel 620 chip in Power Saving Mode…

Will experiment your tip. Thank you.


Bingo! Thank you all, but particularly to Ms. Coppersens.
When you have so much memory it is usually recommended to disable the PageFile because it slows down the performance of the computer (and the memories could wear). FSX has never given problems. You should recommend Microsoft / Asobo to implement a test that occurs if the PageFile is active, it has a sufficient size and enough disk space.

Thanks 1000!

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It’s a game to return to the manufacturer, not to play with hardware and pagefile and so on. We are the users and not developpers and testers. We have payd for this product and it dont functioning properly…

I wanted to suggest, to implement a verification of the settings registry pagefile keys and if incorrect for the correct execution of FS2020 alert the user with an MSG popup. Changing the computer settings is charged to the user.