Fuel and weight adjustment problem on A320FBW

I noticed since the last A320FBW DEV versions the fuel and weights can no longer be set in the FS2020 menu, they jump back. For fuel, take the values ​​from the FBW fuel setting. but the complete weight setting no longer works. Would be nice if this is changed again with the next DEV version. Did you notice that too? I tested it with an older stable version because it still works.

This functionality has moved to the flyPad, so you need to adjust and set those values there.

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Yes, as I said, fuel doesn’t work a problem, if you know. But the weights / load does not work either. Or where can you set it in the flypad? Did I miss something?

Maybe here:

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Weight now needed to be done in the FMC or you can use integrated simbrief flight plan to do so


All right, thank you. That’s it !!