Fuel density always JET-A1

Hello guys,

I am quite suprised this was missed.

The fuel density is always 0,802 kg/m^3 which would be stuff like JET A1 etc.
Using GA planes with AVGAS or even MOGAS would need a different density and therefore weight&balance is not according to the aircrafts fuel capacity.

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In the flightmodel you can change the setting.
This also affects fuel flow as the fuels have different energy densities.


Cool, thanks for the information :slight_smile:
Maybe its due to the hybrid units and they forgot to convert liter to kg correctly.

It is a bit difficult as the fuel density is depending on the fuel temperature which is depending on the temperature of the airframe or fuel truck just after refuelling, ram rise when flying. At least different fuel densities for different types of fuel would be a start indeed. Little weird this has been missed by Asobo, not a big surprise though…

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