Full FMS/MCDU Repair

So that the following is all possible + reliable, particularly in airlines:

  • Procedures (SID/STAR/APP executes)
  • Fixes (Go-arounds and Holding patterns)
  • Information pages (Takeoff information affects V-speeds; Landing information affects landing speeds etc.)
  • Waypoint overrides (DIRECT-TOs; New additional waypoints; Different waypoints attributes (altitude/speed)

These things are sometimes possible right now, but are never stable and for this sim to be used on
VATSIM this needs to be relooked and tightened up. I suspect it won’t be too much of a job.

Have you checked out the A32nx mod? They’re currently in v0.4.1 but their progress is amazing.

The A32NX mod works wonders, indeed, but the calls for it to be implemented in the sim have already been made and this is more of a call for Asobo to fix the 787 as well as some GA aircrafts’ FMS systems.

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… not to mention the 747…

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Attempted to fly it once. Got supermad and ragequitted. Not sure if anything has changed about it.