Full Screen-Dragable 2D Cocpit (like FSX)!

Essentially, MSFS shut-out all their past loyal customers who make and fly from real home built cockpits! Simple basic features like going to “full screen” mode, where the main screen is just a clean view with no 3D cockpits or HUD’s sticking out looking all cartoony.
And what, no 2D working cockpit anymore? Simple ability (from 2004 technology) to drag to second or third monitor on homebuilt dashboard panel is essential. Did they just forget to include these functions? They cut our arms off! What the heck were they thinking? That’s like buying a new car, and now they don’t include the axels anymore!
It is very unprofessional to have it setup as it is now. See my photos attached and you’ll get what I mean.
Very disappointing that MS/Asobo would leave such basic and necessary functions off, and some 16 years after last development. Sounds like MS had NO interest in their previous loyal client base. They didn’t listen! image|500x500 Seems perhaps they just want newer younger Xbox-gen minds :frowning:

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