Full Uninstall

I have run out of patience. This sim has NEVER worked for me without injecting numerous issues after each patch. I need to fully uninstall and come back another day when Asobo and Microsoft have it together. For now I just want to get out of it, even though it cost me $$. This Premium Deluxe was purchased through The Microsoft Store

How do I FULLY uninstall this beast without reinstalling Windows, losing other program functions etc.

Just go into apps and features, search flight and you’ll see flight simulator. Uninstall. Then check in Windows Explorer to see whether the location that the gigabytes of files were downloaded to is gone. For me it’s called “install packages,” but I might have chosen that name. The sim loads from that folder so anyone that deleted after install, thinking they’d just freed up 90 GBs of space got a rude surprise when they then tried to launch the sim. It really should have been named something more appropriate - but then Asobo should have done a lot of things differently.

I think it’s a mistake to uninstall as you’ll just have to re-download those files when next you run it. Just don’t run it.

By they way some people that have proclaimed they’re going back to FSX or P3D or whatever have come back, tail between their legs, proclaiming that they can’t go back. Those sims just look so blah! now.

Also, some people have run into problems when they have reinstalled such as not having all their previous content.

I don’t know why this is the case but I just thought it might be something for you to be aware of.