Fun in the Pipistrel Virus!

Pipistrel Virus SW121 doing basic flight manoeuvres as required before PPL can be issued. FAA approved.



The Virus and the SR22 turned out to be two of my absolute favorites. I almost want to say that the cost of premium deluxe was worth it just for those two.


I’m really impressed with them. GA flight is where this sim really does excel. I’m very happy with the relentless progression the sim has made and I’m excited for the things to come! :grin:

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Do you find the pilot head position is too low, adjustment seems to go from floor level to not quite seeing over the console?

Love it otherwise.

I use in the in camera adjustment up and down to set it to just level with the top of the headrest and then that makes sense to me. I’m 6ft 1 so I always adjust it up, I set the starting camera level in the main settings with only minor adjustment to the height depending on aircraft.

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