Fun Thread - Log Book Hours?

LOL… If I had 276 hrs my wife would be ready to leave me :slight_smile: but hey…That is impressive…Gotta figure out how to convince the missus how I got to get to 276 hrs lol :slight_smile:

I went cycling this afternoon for about 2.5 hours same as yesterday. It’s dark from 12pm where I’m exploring in FS2020, natural break :smiley: I’m ‘blessed’ with not needing much sleep. I can go to bed after 3 AM and be up at 8 or go to bed at midnight and be in the air before 5 AM. Nearly 20 hours a day to do stuff.

Before FS 2020 I poured it all into GT Sport, 12,233 sport mode races logged, Time driven: 129 days, 10 hours, 3 min and 32 s. Before that I went around the galaxy in Elite Dangerous. It was dangerous, no night time to slow me down.

Oh, Steam says I played 464 hours, those 276 hours aren’t even really representative, including auto-pilot time while working or leaving it paused or sitting on the runway. Yet I’m quite enjoying the peace and quiet flying from 5 am to 8 am when the kids start waking up.

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And, last night I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!

Tomorrow: Fly under the St. Louis, Gateway Arch. I went up in it when I was 6 years old (1966). :slight_smile:


I believe that running in developer mode stops the game from registering flights. It did in my experience. You may want to check the forums if anyone else can confirm this.

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I just had to do it now…

Gone fishin’, just a wishin’
Looks like I caught a few minnows…oh…I guess I should just throw them back :grin:

The peace and quiet , I can definitely relate to…mind you all mine have left the nest…but yep, I understand your comment

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That might be that. Thx ill check that asap

The real point I am trying make is this. Yes, I understand your passion and enjoyment, however to really experience how a plane handles and behaves in different conditions, I would suggest, if possible, to invest in a few hours of real flight time. It will certainly open your eyes, (and your wallet), to the limitations of a flight sim, however once you have experienced this, it will also assist you in getting the best out of your chosen sim. Yes, I fly in the real GA world, but am grounded at the moment, so I use my preferred sim to assist in keeping my skills current. Never give up your passion to fly!

Flight Simulator has shown me my passion is actually not with the act of flying. I have rather gotten to hate air travel after years of traveling for work. I always thought flying myself would be awesome, however exploration is what draws me into this sim. It’s not that different to how I enjoy cycling. I keep a big map of the area, 50 km radius and have ‘filled’ in every rural road over the years, TDU style.

I basically use FS 2020 to explore the world, a way to string together and pace exploring google maps while enjoying flying over a huge map. So I ignore ATC, likely fly and land against all regulations (I suppose those big X’s on runways mean don’t land here :)) and regularly get scowled at by ATC “You were not cleared to land, clear the runway” (I play with live weather only, no live traffic nor multiplayer)

I admit, I have never used a VOR or DME, gps all the way. I’ll land using synthetic vision when the runway is unlit at night. I abuse the flaps as air brakes (stress damage off) and perform more engine off, steep flare landings than correct glide slope approaches, so not picking up any skills for real flying! Maybe some for engine failure landings :smiley:

I spend most time matching my position on google maps. I know there is a tool that simply shows you your position on a map, yet that is the fun part for me. Figuring out what is what and how to get somewhere with visual references. Turning the world in one giant bush flight.


Don’t let your wife hear you say that!!! :open_mouth:

I have a little over 20, but it’s been mostly short hops. I don’t normally have the patience for long hauls.

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I found MFS is likely to crash to desktop with long flights?

I’ve flied a lot, but only about 128 hours logged due to simulator program crash.

It basically happened in the final approach stage after hours and thousands of miles flying, make you crying with F-words…

Have you got Developer Mode on? That will cause it.

Almost at 200 hours.
Been smooth sailing for me besides couple of issues:
2 CTD’s, both were at the same airport in Iceland. Known issue at the time, don’t know if they patched that.
1 instance where my FPS seemingly out of the blue plummeted to low single digits. I think i have that issue down to a possible bug with maybe IFR and custom planes as i saw errors about icing in the console. Got rid of mod, alerted author, and moved on.

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That looks like 120 hrs in the Menu. :joy:

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Make sure you start your flight with DEVMODE OFF, and if you eneble it in flight then disable it before exiting the flight. Or else logbook will not save progress.

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A healthy 56 hours,

Not bad considering I had to wait 3-4 weeks for my joystick to arrive…
Finished all 3 bush trips.
Mostly GA with the last 4-5 hours messing with the A320 on 90-120 minute flights, both that ended horribly due to AP bugs and/or my novice skills.

No major issues.
No CTDs.
1 frame drop that couldn’t be replicated when re-doing the flight.
Enjoying it immensely, taking far to many screenshots.

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Only 328 hours for me :yawning_face:


Nope. Id rather bigger more important things fixed though lol. I use myflightbook as a freeware logbook to see how much time I dump in to these sims lol.

38 hours in sim (after release) + 196 hours in my real world logbook :slight_smile:

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