Funny Airport names ,, what have you found?

Co-pilot: “Captain, you’ve taken us to the wrong airport”
Captain: “oh KRAP”!

lol, if you press translate on your post, it works too haha

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Captain: Set the altitude for 340.
First officer: KDEN.


Bunch Grass Intergalactic (Private, of course.)

If I had a spaceship I’d land there just to see the owners face.

weird ,whats the story behind it?

I am just not understanding this

Look up the GPS 16 approach for KPSM.

I’m forbidden from explaining jokes.

if KDEN is supossed to sound like “Ok Then” yah thats pretty bad…

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We’ve used that in real life while communicating at KDEN.

Not an airport but flying out of Miami towards the Bahamas ATC told me “Continue to SWIMM as planned”.

I specifically chose the DA62 so I wouldn’t get wet!

I don’t know, I literally found it planning a MSFS flight stopping at Cody, WY and had a chuckle at the name.

Now I look at it in aerial view, it’s only more intriguing. Place looks like the last stop in the galaxy, or the perfect set for a Sci-Fi show I’d watch.,-108.67732914,1318.2143128a,1125.30359961d,35y,2.91043199h,0t,0r?utm_source=earth7&utm_campaign=vine&hl=en

i wonder if its related to Scientology or something of that nature

Or the way Nice, France is said from ATC:

ATC: Nice Approach…
ME: Thank you!


If 3 letter IATA codes are allowed then I just had a missed approach in DOH.

Was trying to get the family together but DAD is in Vietnam, MOM is in Mauritania, BRO is in Texas and SIS is in South Africa.

Possible, who knows.

I looked into it deeper, it’s a legit private field, or at least documented as one. WY15 Couldn’t find anything describing it other than owner info and such, apparently it’s changed owners at least once. At one time or another was home base to 7 aircraft is all I could find on useage. I’m guessing the name is someone’s sense of humor.

But the mystery gets deeper. I also found this, 48U or Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport

That sense of humor isn’t a one off. Also in, Wyoming. I’ve never been to Wyoming, but it’s sounding like a fun place so far.

Maybe if we fly from one to the other in MSFS, we will get a Easter egg achievement. I may have to try that later.

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ok A grade for effort

per the Wiki

On July 5, 1994 Resolution R94-23 of the Green River city council designated this landing field as the “Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport”, for inhabitants of Jupiter who might wish to take sanctuary in Green River in the event their planet is threatened by collisions from comets or meteors,[3] in apparent reference to the contemporary Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 impact.[4]