Funny: ATC sounds like Paul Harvey

On a funnier, lighter note for the United States pilots here: now air traffic control sounds like Paul Harvey, it says “good day” every time it hands me off to another Freq. :laughing:

Now if it starts saying something like “now you know the rest of the story” I’m getting rid of this program! :sunglasses::sunglasses::wink::grin:


Yeah, I guess they were trying to be polite but ended up making an ____ out of ATC!! :grinning: :grinning:

This needs to change but with all of the other screw ups in SU5 it will probably be years!!

ATC actually says “Good day” but also “Welcome”, “Good night” in real life and so on. I think it’s an improvement in the right direction. But maybe they use it a bit too intense. I think mostly it’s used when you fly over the regional ATC and not just tower.

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Regional pass off seems appropriate!

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